4 Amazing Things You Must Do When Visiting Japan

28.7 million tourists visited Japan in 2017.

Are you visiting Japan soon and want to come up with some fun activities? There are a lot of options to choose from and if you’ve never been there before, you may feel a little lost.

You don’t want to waste your time while there with tourist traps, but you also don’t want to miss out on the cool things to do in Japan either. To find a few unique things to do while visiting Japan, keep reading and learn about stops that may be off the beaten path!

  1. Sagano Bamboo Forest

This is a very cool place to visit because it is calm and serene, but extremely unique. The Sagano Bamboo Forest has hundreds of bamboo groves and the bamboo stalks are extremely tall, which makes this a great place to find some tranquility.

There are also a lot of temples and shrines throughout the forest that are built within a maze of bamboo to ward off evil spirits.

You may even be able to hear the chanting of the monks that are nearby if you listen closely enough!

  1. Zao Fox Village

In northern Japan, the Zao Fox Village is a wildlife sanctuary for domesticated foxes. These creatures are adorable and they will usually get pretty curious around visitors.

They may even run in circles around your feet!

It only costs about $10 USD (or 1,000 yen) for you to enter. Anyone older than 12 years old can actually hold the baby foxes too, so this is a great option for someone that wants to find fun things to do in Japan!

  1. One Piece Tower

This is an indoor theme park that is named for the Japanese manga series, One Piece, and is a whole lot of fun.

You can’t miss One Piece Tower Tokyo! You’ll get to experience thrilling attractions based on different parts of the story, but you’ll also find a haunted house, photo spots, and more based on the popular piece of work.

  1. Studio Ghibli Museum

If you like anime, you can’t forget to visit the Studio Ghibli Museum. Many people hold Studio Ghibli in high regard as being one of the best of the best when it comes to animated entertainment.

With artist Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli has produced a number of instant classics that give a great insight into the culture of Japan. This museum will allow you to learn more about the process to make these films and about Miyazaki himself.

Do These Things When Visiting Japan

When you are planning on visiting Japan, you need to know what you will do when you’re there.

Whether you’re there for a month or just a few days, you will want to fill your time doing all of the fun things you can! With this list in mind, you’ll be able to knock off at least a little bit of your time with exciting activities.

To get some more travel tips before you leave, check out some of the other posts on this website.

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