6 Tips for Hosting Your First Boat Party This Summer

In the words of The Lonely Island, I’m on a boat!

If you’ve bought a boat, you’ll be eager to throw your first boat party this summer. Obviously, you’ll want your boat party to go swimmingly. The last thing you want is for it to turn out to be a damp squib.

Read on as we look at six tips for hosting your first boat party this summer.

  1. Set a Budget

It’s easy for the costs of a boat party to get out of hand.

Make sure you set a budget before you begin. You’ll need to factor in all of your costs in advance to make sure that you don’t exceed the budget you’ve set.

If things get too expensive then consider all the items you’ve included in your budget and cut those that are the least important.

  1. Consider a Theme

What’s better than a boat party? A themed boat party, that’s what.

Creating a theme for your party can actually make planning it easier. Once you’ve decided on a theme, it will inform some of your decisions, such as the decor you want to have and the types of food you might serve.

  1. Create a Guest List

An overcrowded boat party is not a good boat party. You need to make sure there’s plenty of room for guests.

Figure out the optimum number of people that can fit on your boat, and then make sure you don’t invite more than that number. If some people can’t make it, you can always have a reserve list to make up the numbers.

  1. Get a First Aid Kit

Like any party, there’s always the chance that someone could get a bit carried away and end up hurting themselves.

Keeping boat parties safe is vital, so make sure you have a good first aid kit. If you’re sailing you’re not going to be able to pop into the ER. Make sure that boating safety is foremost in your planning; you want your party to be safe as well as fun.

  1. Choose Food and Drink

If you’re going with a theme, then it’s always good to choose your food and drink options to fit with that theme.

If your party doesn’t have a theme, then the world is your oyster. The most important thing is to ensure that there is enough food and drinks for everyone on board. It’s not going to be a great party if you run out of drinks after the first hour.

  1. Party!

The most important thing is: enjoy yourself!

You’ve put hard work into planning this boat party, so now is the time to reap the rewards and have the time of your life. I’m on a boat!

Are You Ready for Your First Boat Party?

Hopefully, your first boat party will be a roaring success. Remember that the more planning you put in, the smoother things will run. That means you’ll be able to focus on having a great time.

If your boat party gives you itchy feet, then be sure to check out the rest of the site for travel tips and advice.

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