7 Tips for Taking a Green Eco Friendly Vacation

Going on vacation is a break for you but overtime for the Earth.

Between all of the additional waste products and plastics used during a vacation and the gases emitted by modes of travel, your carbon footprint adds up.

Fortunately, there are travel hacks you can use to make your vacation earth-friendly.

Read on to learn how to take a green eco friendly vacation.

  1. Use Public Transportation

Most places in the U.S. and around the world have methods of public transportation.

Taking the bus and ride-sharing is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. The number of people on the bus is that many fewer cars on the road.

You might be worried about taking public transit in an unfamiliar place, but most are designed for easy use.

In some places, the buses are even nicer than you would expect and cheaper all around.

  1. Use Refillable Bottles

Traveling doesn’t change the fact that you need to drink at least 8 cups of water a day.

What it does do, is make it all too easy to buy bottled water while you’re out and about. These bottles add up to a lot of wasted plastic and money.

Bring a large, reusable water bottle on your trips to save the planet and your wallet.

  1. Visit a Green Eco Friendly Location

The first step to planning a vacation is deciding where to go. The truth is, some places are more green-friendly than others.

This is because they’re more progressive and have, on average, more green products, destinations, and options.

As a result, visiting earth-friendly locations is a great way to make green travel easy. Norway is one example of a great eco travel location.

  1. Don’t Use Straws

Going on vacation tends to mean eating out more. You’re relaxing and exploring a new area with new foods, so you don’t want to stay home cooking.

You can make your restaurant visits more eco friendly by not using straws in your drinks. All of these straws add up and contribute to landfill waste that takes years to biodegrade.

An alternative to no straw at all is purchasing a reusable metal straw to take with you.

  1. Stay at an Eco-Friendly Hotel

It’s easy to just look for the best deals available, but you should consider the carbon footprint of the hotels you choose to stay at.

Some hotels are more environmentally friendly than others.

Hotels can make themselves environmentally friendly by recycling, using reusable dishes and green products, and investing in solar power.

  1. Use Linens More Than Once

You’re probably aware that during your vacation stays, hotels clean your linens every day.

While having freshly washed sheets each night is nice, it’s unnecessary and not good for the environment. This is because it adds up to a ton of wasted water and electricity to run the machines.

You can request that your bedsheets be washed less frequently during your stay.

  1. Take A Road Trip

Studies show that one round trip flight produces 20% of the carbon emissions your car does in an entire year.

This means that taking a road trip versus a flight is a great way to help the environment.

Relax With a Clean, Green Conscious

If you care about the environment, then making your vacations earth-friendly is a must.

There are several options available for taking a green eco friendly vacation. These include but aren’t limited to driving instead of flying, using reusable straws and bottles, taking public transportation, and staying in green locations.

If you’re planning a trip, book your adventure through our website today.

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