Top 5 Scenic Spots to Visit in Romania

From shopping and self-care, to everyday life and the environment, the worldwide pandemic is changing life as we know it, including traveling. The imposed measures for social distancing gave rise to a “new normal” of traveling, which although might seem inconvenient at first, it also gives peoples the chance to reconnect with nature and to try to learn about the culture of a country from a different perspective.

In this situation, admiring a country’s natural wonders and cultural heritage from a distance is a good option, and Romania abounds with beautiful spots. There’s so many to explore, but here are our 5 most beautiful places to see if you visit Romania.

Transfagarasan Road

There is no better way to start off our list of top 5 scenic spots to visit in Romania than with Transfagarasan Road. It became famous when it appeared in an episode of the British TV show Top Gear and since then it’s been attracting thousands of international tourists. Nicknamed “the path through the clouds”, it reaches over 2000 meters in altitude and it offers spectacular views from the top.  You can drive on the string of sharp corners cutting through the Carpathian Mountains from the safety of your own car, you can make stops along the way to capture the landscape on camera or you can do some easy hikes in the area.

Bran Castle

Made famous by its association with Dracula, Bran Castle is more of a picture-perfect medieval fortification rather than the setting of a spooky vampire story. It’s understandable, though, why it was used as inspiration, given its dramatic location. The majestic monument is set on top of rocky cliffs and surrounded by a deep-green forest. An inside visit of the castle will take you back to medieval times, but to best appreciate its grandeur you can travel to one of the nearby hills and indulge in the view. 

Biertan Fortified Church

Third on our list of top 5 scenic spots to visit in Romania is Biertan Fortified Church. It is the most spectacular of the seven Fortified Churches included in UNESCO’s World Heritage list as a means of protecting the legacy left behind by the Transylvanian Saxons. They settled in Transylvania several centuries ago, but through history they suffered numerous attacks from the invaders and, in order to protect themselves, they would fortify the village’s churches.

Biertan looks amazing at sunrise as the village is located in a valley and through the silvery mist you can see the church raising imposingly above all the colorful houses of the village.

The Apuseni Mountains

One of the hidden gems of Romania, these mild mountains might not impress with their height, but they are perfect for discovering an atmosphere unique to Romania. Rolling hills, winding valleys and wooden barns protected by reed roofs create a picturesque landscape. They are also very rich in karst formations, so there are plenty of things to do for nature-lovers – from easy hikes to exploring underground glaciers.

Corvin Castle

This impressive Gothic monument was built in the 15th century as an austere military fortress, but over time it transformed into an architectural masterpiece. It has twisting staircases, imposing towers and bastions, decorative frescoes and elegant interior decorations. Besides its appearance, what makes it deserve its status as one of the best scenic spots to visit in Romania is its location. It is built on a rock, separated from the rest of the area by a long wooden bridge sustained by four massive stone pillars.

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