The Best Diving Sites In Gozo You Need To Check Out

Are you planning a trip to Gozo island anytime soon? This Mediterranean island offers picturesque scenery, calm beaches, and clear waters, making it the ideal getaway to try an activity like diving.

The island boasts many diving sites for seasoned divers and first-timers alike, and diving in Gozo is an experience like no other. Have a look at the best diving sites in Gozo and prepare yourself for some underwater adventures. The best thing about these sites is that they’re easy to go to if you can book a dive at one of the local diving centers Atlantis Diving in Marsalforn or Ritual Dive in Xlendi Gozo.


Blue Hole

At the top of your list should be Blue Hole, which is situated in Dwejra. It has a sea pool which is about 14m deep and an archway which is 7-9m wide. The end of the archway gives you access to the open sea.

Dive a little deeper and you’ll also find a cavern. The cavern allows you to see breathtaking views and sea life such as shrimp and eels. If you’re an experienced diver, take a sharp right and you’ll reach the Inland Sea after about 45 minutes. 


Inland Sea

The Inland Sea is a tunnel that leads to the open sea. The tunnel goes up to 22m deep. A definite attraction is the view of the deep and open blue sea. Bring along a torch so that you can explore the tunnel’s walls underwater.

If you reach the tunnel’s exit, dive left to go to the Blue Hole. Or dive right to explore other grottos. For those not keen on diving, you can take a boat trip that runs through the tunnel.


Reqqa Point

Reqqa Point is recommended for avid divers who seek the ultimate thrill. It’s a complex maze made up of vertical walls with many nooks and crannies. It allows you to dive quite deep (up to 60 meters).

The point has a chimney that drops to about 16m, and you’ll need some flexibility to maneuver your way around tight spaces. Once you reach the bottom, you’ll be met with loads of space.

The reef is a feast for the senses as you’ll see many octopus, large scorpionfish, and star coral. Dive right and you’ll stumble across Shrimp’s Cave. 


Shrimp’s Cave 

Shrimp’s Cave is located relatively close to Reqqa Point and is around 35m deep. When you notice a white V of sand, you’ll know you’ve found it! The cave itself can fit up to 6 divers, comfortably.

Inside, you’ll discover unusual rock formations and sea life in the form of prawns. The water at this diving spot is considerably warmer. 


Billinghurst Cave

Billinghurst Cave is the longest cave on the Gozo island. If you dive from here, you’d jump in at about 25m. Ahead of you, you’ll see intense deep blue open water. This diving site offers you a view of star coral, and colorful bath & branch sponges.

There isn’t a lot of sea life, possibly due to the lack of natural light. This site is not recommended for first-time divers, but regulators in the area installed railings and ladders to help you enter and exit the water. You can end your dive at Reqqa Point, as it is close-by. 


The Three Wrecks 

Spooky, but equally exciting, is an exploration of the three wrecks (MV Karwela, MV Cominoland, and MV Xlendi). These wrecks can be found at the Xatt L’ Ahmar diving site which runs up to 30m deep. You’ll find the wrecks after swimming for about 2-3 minutes and you’ll want to bring your GoPro and take a pic with the antique relics.

While the Karwela is about 48m long and 8m wide, there are safety measures in place that allow you to easily explore this wreck. As you dive deeper, you’ll find some silt and sand which will need you to control your buoyancy. 

The Cominoland was an ex minelayer which measured 34m long and 8m wide. The wreck contains three decks which require you to squeeze in order to get through. Be on the lookout for sharp rusty edges to avoid injury.  

The Xlendi is a ferry that was sadly drowned and flipped upside-down. On your diving expedition, you can easily dive into the car deck and swim through the wreck. Be careful though, as some of the items may collapse on to you. 


All in all, wreck diving requires some diving expertise, and if you are a first-time diver, you should definitely consult with one of many diving centers that are available in Gozo.  

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