Everything you need to know about flying with your vape

With vaping becoming more and more popular, many people in the UK now hope to take their vapes along with them when they travel. The rules about travelling with e-cigarettes are often fairly vague, however, many airports have recently specified their policies. Here we clear up some of the uncertainty by telling you everything you need to know about flying with your vape:

Using vapes in UK airports

This rule is very simple – the use of e-cigarettes is banned in all UK airports. So, for those few hours, while you’re waiting around for your flight, we’re afraid you’ll have to refrain from vaping. While this tends to differ depending on which airport you fly from, many airports have dedicated areas for smoking. In this case, vaping is considered to be the same as smoking regular cigarettes, and should only be done in these areas.

As vaping is still a fairly recent phenomenon, some UK airports don’t provide any information regarding vapes, for example, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Leeds. However, you should still assume that vaping within these airports is banned.

Getting through security with your vape

Whether you’re on an international or a domestic flight, vapes are not permitted in your hold baggage. This means that you can’t keep a vape in any of the luggage you check into the airport – they’re only allowed to be stored in your hand luggage. As e-cigarettes are on the list of things that you are allowed to take through security, you shouldn’t encounter any issues. The only thing to bear in mind is that all liquids taken through security must be less than 100ml, which includes e-liquids. Make sure to remember to put your e-liquid in a plastic bag to avoid any hassle.

It might be useful to check whether you’re able to purchase e-liquids in the country you’re travelling to, in order to decide how much to take. If you find that they’re not available for purchase, and 100ml isn’t going to be enough to cover your trip, it might not be worth the hassle of travelling with your vape in the first place.

Having your vape on the plane

On all flights, it’s best to assume that you are definitely not allowed to use your vape whilst on the plane. As with all things regarding travelling with a vape, it’s important to double-check the policies of your specific airline to know what exactly is permitted, as some of the UK’s largest airlines differ on this. For example, while Ryanair doesn’t allow the use of your own vape, they do sell smokeless cigarettes on board which can be used during the flight. British Airways sells e-cigarettes on many of their flights, but it is assumed that you cannot use them on board. Virgin Atlantic states that you can carry your own onboard, but they cannot be used.

Considering where you’re travelling to

While vaping is currently very popular in the UK, this isn’t the case in all countries, so it’s important to check their specific allowances before you decide to travel with a vape. There are some countries where you should always avoid bringing a vape, as you could actually end up in prison for doing so. These countries include India, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand, where the use of e-cigarettes remains strictly illegal. Consult the ultimate vapers travel guide on the Smoko blog for extra guidance, and a complete list of the countries where vaping is currently banned. Airlines also take this into consideration, and some have stopped selling them on flights to specific places, such as Qatar, where it is still illegal to import e-cigarettes.

Even if there are no laws or bans on the use of vapes in the country you’re travelling to, be prepared to be questioned about it once you get there. It’s important to remember that e-cigarettes are still uncommon in many places outside of Europe, meaning they often draw attention to themselves.

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