How to Create Travel Content 101

As a world traveler and travel content creator, I field lots of questions from people around the world every day. Whether people want to know the best seafood restaurants in Barcelona or how I stay fit while traveling, I’m always game to share. But the topic people ask me about the most is how to become a successful travel content creator. I’ll break down how to do it here. This is How to Create Travel Content 101.

What most people don’t know is that creating travel content is a lot of hard work. The first thing you must understand is that it’s very time-consuming and that you may not reap many rewards from it for a long time.

Figuring Out Your Niche

The cornerstone of my travel content business, David’s Been Here, is a daily or semi-daily travel vlog. But before you can think about releasing daily vlogs, you have to figure out your niche. Find out what type of travel content you gravitate toward. Or, if no one out there is creating the type of content you want to see, find a way to do it yourself. Then, create evergreen content you are passionate about around that topic. Create videos about things that people search for so they’ll always be relevant. Use the feedback you get in your comments to determine what your audience likes and wants to see.

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Focus on Quality

Of course, a huge element of how to create travel content is focusing on the quality of the content you’re putting out there. Cut out any footage that is repetitive or overly long or boring. Anything that slows down the pace of your video should be cut. You don’t want your viewers’ eyes to glaze over eight minutes into a 20-minute-long video. Keep everything moving. A great way to do this is film lots of b-roll. Get interesting shots of locations, attractions, food, locals, etc. from different angles and insert them into your main footage to break up any monotony.

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Daily Content

There are other important elements to creating incredible travel content outside of vlogging. You should always focus on the content—all of your content. The famous entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk has an interesting rule that I’ve followed for years, which is this: every day, release at least five (yes, FIVE) pieces of content.

For me, that usually means a daily vlog, a static Instagram post, three or more Instagram stories, and a blog post. In addition to YouTube, I also post my vlogs on Facebook. Remember, people’s attention spans are short these days, so releasing content on multiple platforms daily keeps you on the mind of all of your followers and subscribers. Go too long without releasing anything and they’ll begin to look elsewhere.

The vlog and blog post are the most time-consuming. If you’re not a great writer, never fear, because there are services that can provide you with great travel content. Daily vlogging and blogging are crucial, as releasing reliable, high-quality content every day is the best way to propel yourself to your goal—whatever that may be. When you have a backlog of quality travel content, any one of them—an article from a year ago, a video you posted three years ago—could suddenly blow up out of nowhere. It has happened to me on many occasions.

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Be Realistic

But remember to be realistic with your expectations. You can’t expect to hit 1 million subscribers after putting in only a year or two of work. It took 10 years of releasing, learning, and experimenting before I even cracked 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. Two years later, I have now surpassed 600,000, but it happened because I followed these steps and put in the work.

Put in the work, don’t get discouraged if a piece of content doesn’t get views or clicks right away, and stay focused on your goal. Always strive to be better than you were yesterday and don’t be ashamed to learn from other travel content creators. Study them, see what works, and try to apply that to what you do while maintaining your own individuality. Be patient. And above all, have fun. If you’re not having fun, your viewers and readers won’t have fun either.

Now, that you know how to create travel content, get out there and start grinding!

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