Why Pocono Mountains Should be In Your To-Go Places!

The Poconos are a breathtakingly beautiful mountainous region in Pennsylvania. For me, it’s probably one of those spots in the country, which is perfect for all sorts of vacations! I took a quick, spur-of-the-moment getaway to the mountains, and stayed at the Kalahari Resort.

Let me tell you, never have I ever been so happy with a sudden plan. If you hop on a bus from NYC to the Poconos, you’ll spend like $5 for the cheapest one. This took me almost five hours to reach, but you can take a train if you don’t want to wait.

But hold on, what made me hop on a bus to a place I’d never been to before? Even for a wanderlust soul like mine, that’s a somewhat uncertain step.

Basically, I came across a random Facebook post about the waterfalls and valleys of the Poconos. With much curiosity, I Googled the place and found their website with live camera recordings. The blend of nature, wilderness, and contemporary outdoor activities was too tempting for me to simply ignore. I needed to see it all for myself.

Well, the minute I stepped inside my resort, it seemed as if all the camera recordings had come to life. The place is a web of valleys, lakes, mountains, waterfalls, resorts, and lots of greenery. More impressively, you’ll see all sorts of people enjoying themselves in the Poconos. Friends, solo travelers, foreign tourists, families, honeymooners, and even students.

The first places that caught my attention were the state-of-the-art golf courses. The Pocono Mountains are not only scenically beautiful, but they’re also exceptionally well maintained. From pro golfers to hobbyists, everyone enjoys affordable but high-quality golf. You can avail the 8-in-1 golf card and enjoy plenty of golf time without any hefty charges. However, I had more stuff on my mind than just golfing.

My next plan? Nightlife expedition.

If you’re a night owl (like yours truly), you’ll love the nightlife in this beautiful place. I went to probably a dozen nightclubs and theatres, but each was better than the previous one. From Deer Head Inn to Sherman Theatre, you just have to take my word for the thrill you’ll experience in the Poconos. After a tiring week with water games, skis, and golf courses, this nightly outing is just the cherry on top. Also, every street is a secure one for women as well as children. If you want to go for an all-rounded family trip, there’s nothing better than the Pocono mountains. You can tale my word for it!

Did I mention the water games at the resort earlier? If you ask me to pick just one activity for the entire day, I’d stick to the water parks. Poconos are a paradise during summers. The pandemic has imposed some restrictions, but an eventual decline in cases will make your experience incredibly wholesome!

The water activities are more than what one can find in busy, bustling cities. It’s a cathartic experience with no responsibilities to worry about. You can spend days visiting and enjoying all the dozens of water activities without ever feeling bored.

What makes the Poconos so relaxing as a tourist spot is not just its recreational facilities. The valley in itself exudes peace and tranquillity. The green landscape is dotted with lakes, mountains, and waterfalls. Even if you aren’t willing to spend on nightclubs or expensive resorts, you can simply take a few days off and explore the Pocono’s nature. Street walks, museum visits, hikes, and trails are just some more opportunities in the area.

What I Liked About the Pocono Mountains

First things first, this place isn’t absurdly expensive. Even with a plan as abrupt as mine, I didn’t face much trouble arranging for my expenses. Food, accommodation, commute, and even concert tickets are quite affordable. Moreover, the entire experience was topnotch. I didn’t face any issues in my resort or on any of my activities.

Secondly, it’s an excellent choice for solo travelers. The towns are small, so you can just roam around if you need a change of environment. The whole region has that perfect homely, welcoming aura. I didn’t feel homesick. From the mountaintop to the roadside diner, every place is open to those who need some me-time for themselves.

What I Carried for My Trip

The Poconos aren’t some far-flung deserted territory. All the towns are fully developed and have all the necessary facilities. This meant that my packing was pretty average and lightweight. Here’s a list of what you may need for one person:

  • Your national ID card for entries into resorts or any other places.
  • Some financial assets. It’s preferable to carry a card if you can’t handle cash all the way.
  • A first aid kit. Even though the Poconos have qualified frontline workers, you can carry some medical essentials for immediate use.
  • Snacks for your travel. You won’t need to carry canned foods or anything like that since everything’s available locally.

Visiting the Pocono Mountains was truly one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had. If you’ve been planning to go for a while, I’d definitely recommend you don’t hold off!


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