Top 10 Safari Experiences in Uganda

Are you planning to go on safari anytime soon, Uganda should be should be on the list of the must visit places. Uganda is indeed the pearl of Africa, blessed with a lot of amazing features and experiences. The diverse topography and habitats makes Uganda home not to just plenty of fauna and flora but also diverse cultures. Below we list the some of the top 10 Uganda safaris that you can consider when planning your next holiday.

Game Viewing

Wildlife safaris is another experience that should not miss from anyone’s Uganda safari itinerary. Uganda has six savannah parks which are homes to different types of wildife living in groups of hundreds if not thousands. You can choose one or more parks to visit for an outstanding game viewing experience. Gameviewing is mainly done in Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth park, in Kidepo valley national park, Semliki and  Lake Mburo national park. Game viewing experiences are done either in the morning or in the afternoon and in some parks like Kidepo and Semliki, you can also go for a night gameviewng adventure where you get to search of some nocturnal animals.

Usually, gameviewing is the climax of most of the wildife safaris in Uganda because then you get to see a lot more than expected.  You can expect to see animals like different types of antelopes like bushbucks, topis, thousands of Uganda kobs, even the rare sitatungas can be seen is some parts of the country. Murchision, Kidepo and Queen national parks are homes to hundreds of elephants and  buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles, worthogs and many more animals. Giraffes are commonly seen in Murchison and Kidepo valleys but were also recently introduced in Lake Mburo national park. Zebras are also very common in Kidepo and lake Mburo while  lions are almost in every park, they only co-exisit  with leopards in Kidepo. Go for a game drive and you will be amazed by how much Uganda has to offer to its tourists who want to engage in this game viewing experience.

Primates Watching

This is yet another must go for experience in Uganda. Primates tours are just as much captivating as the gameviewing and gorilla tracking experiences. You can choose to go for the chimpanzee tracking or golden monkey tracking in any of the different tropical forests in different parts of Uganda. Chimpanzee tracking is mainly done in Kibale forest national park, in Kyambura gorge, in Kalinzu forest and in Budongo forest. During such a trek, you can expect more than the chimpanzees in the forest, there are various types of monkeys you will get to see. In additional to the chimps like the black and white colobus, the vervet, the red tailed, the blue tailed, the l’hoest monkeys, among other types. This is a typical primate watching experience.

If you’re interested in goldenmonkey tracking, you can visit Maghinga national park for an amazing golden monkey trek. You can expect the best at the end of the day with the help of a well trained ranger guiding you around the forest.

Hiking Nature Walks and Mountain Climbing

Many hikers will find Uganda an extremely adventurous hiking destination. The best part is that Uganda caters for both the experienced and non experienced hikers so you get to choose a destination depending on how physically strong  and experienced you are at this.  Experienced hikers should try hiking Mt. Rwenzori national park to Magherita peak, which is the highest of all its peaks, and also the only snow capped in the country.  There several trails you can follow but the longest to Magherita lasts about 8 days. It is tough and tiring which is why it is recommended for experienced hikers.

Other mountains to hike include Mount Elgon, Sabyinyo, Moroto, Muhavura to mention but a few.

Mountain Gorilla Tracking

This is the most popular adventure activity that travelers engage in while on holiday in Uganda.

Uganda is the best choice for a gorilla trekking safaris as it is home to half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas. Gorilla trekking experience is more interesting given the terrain of Bwindi. Uganda has two national parks where you can go gorilla trekking and these include Bwindi Forest and Mgahinga National Park.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a home to more than half of the world’s mountain gorilla population, which means, there is less human congestion in the forest during the trek. This means, you have space to enjoy the adventure and get satsifactory service and complete value for your money paid. Both parks can be accessed by road and by air.

Bird Watching

Birding experiences is another amazing safari experiences in Uganda. Uganda is one country blessed with over 1000 different bird species some of which are migrants and others are endemic to particulars areas therefore can only be seen in those places. Uganda is also home to has some of the rarest species of birds like the shoebill stork, the shelley’s crimson wing bird found in the Albertine Rift and many others.

Bird watching in Uganda basically starts from the time you land at the airport and keen birder will be able to see over hundreds of bird species during their drive from Entebbe to your hotel in Kampala. There so many bird watching sites that any birder will be interested in in Uganda. Some of these sites include; Mabamba swamp in Entebbe, the Bigodi Swamp in Kibale, and Murchison falls park. Birding is also done in all Uganda’s national parks and reserves as wells as forests like Mabira, Maramagambo, among other places.

 For bird searchers, Uganda is one of the destinations on the African continent where you can find more than 1000 bird, so why not start your bird watching experience here.

Tree Climbing Lions

While there are lions living in the different parts of the country in various national parks, if you wish to see the tree climbing lions then you need to visit the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park. This part of the park is majorly know for the tree-climbing lions.  A drive through this area will reward you with a site of these unique animals. This experience however is not a guranteed because sometimes they do hide out of sight that you end up driving around in vain.

This is somehow an additional safari experience to game viewing. Tree climbing lions are not commonly seen which is why you should grab that chance while in Queen to go for this experience all together.  Carrying binoculars would come in handy.

Cultural Tours

Uganda is one of the countries with the most amazing cultural safari experiences. The various cultures are as a result of the various tribes in the different parts of the country. Some of the most interesting communities with amazing cultures include the Batwa in the south western part of Uganda. Community visits give you an opportunity to intteract with the local and get to learn about their different cultures, music and dance style. While in Kampala, you can visit the Ndere cultural centre entertainment and relaxing .

Rhino Tracking

Many years ago, Uganda had lost all its rhinos due to poaching and when they were later reintroduced, they were placed in one location that is the Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary. If you wish to enjoy and track the rhino the sanctuary is the place to go.

Zziwa rhino sanctuary is 2 hours rive from Kampala and on the route to Murchison falls. This therefore makes it perfect for those on a 3 days Murchison falls safari. You can opt to spend a night at the sanctuary and track rhinos or participate in other activities like the nature walk.

Boat Cruises & Launch Trips

Who doesn’t like a cruise on a fresh water body when they go on holiday. Boat cruises are some of the relaxing activities that one oughts’ to add their safari whilst in Uganda.  There are a number of different boat cruises that you can take part in while on a safari. Some of the trips ae private and other public and scheduled. A boat ride can be organize on most of the lakes and channels in Uganda and on the mighty river Nile.

Some of the places you can consider asking for a boat ride or cruise include; the Kazinga channel, Lake Mburo, the Victoria Nile, Lake Victoria, the river Nile and so many others lakes.

Enjoy Water Adventure Sports

Jinja is the epi-center of such amazing water adventures. You can plan to go for activities like white water rafting on the Nile. It can be a full day or half day experience, it only depends on how much time you have and the cash you are willing to spend.  Other than Rafting, you can opt for  other experiences like Bungee jumping or fishing. Spot fishing however is done with permission from the authorities.

Uganda in general has everything there is to offer to tourists. Uganda is still at an advantage over other east African countries.  This is because it has proved to be a one stop tourists center, with the big five plus the 6th Big animal the gorilla. It has plenty of wildlife an also a diverse culture with adventure holidays for one to explore.  Choosing Uganda s your first African safari destination would be the best decision you will ever make in your life.


Overall, Uganda is a great destination. From those looking for soft adventures to those seeking for adrenaline activities, there are lots of exciting safari experiences that you cannot miss on your next trip.

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