10 Things You Need to Know When you Rent a Car in Dubai

All set to rent a car in Dubai? Renting a car is no doubt a better option when compared to hiring taxis, however for a hassle-free experience with your rented car, you must take care of few significant concerns.

Here mentioned are a few essential things you must know when renting a car in Dubai:-

Vehicle Condition – You must find out the vehicle status if you wish to have a comfortable tour experience travelling in the rented car. Therefore, it is suggested that you ask the car rental services in Dubai for permission to inspect the complete vehicle, and only after you are satisfied with the condition of the car, you must sign the rent agreement. You can also request for a test drive to make sure that the vehicle is in the running condition.

Terms and Conditions – You must meticulously read each and every terms and conditions of the car rental company, to avoid any complications later on. Remember that ignorance can result in massive blunders. So, you need to be well-informed about the company’s policies.

Insurance – Having an insurance cover is very important while you rent a car in Sharjah. Insurance policy might differ from one car rental company to another. Therefore, you should make it a point to look for the insurance policy provided by a particular car rental company.

Minimum Age Limit and Mileage – Generally, the eligible driving age as per UAE law is 21 years old or above. But, some companies do provide rental cars to people over 18 years as well. So, you must check with the company about the permissible age limit. Also, you may ask them about the allowed mileage for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rental, and accordingly, you can make your choice for the perfect car, for your trip. 

Mode of Security Deposit – If you are a tourist and do not want to use your credit card for the payment, then, you can leave a security deposit in cash. The rent a car Abu Dhabi service company will refund you the amount via wire transfer or deposit it in your bank account. However, you need to make it clear whether the car rental company offers this provision or not.

Salik and Traffic Fines -There are few car rental companies that charge an extra amount for Salik passes and traffic fines. Do not forget to ask your car rental in Dubai about such charges.

Registration – You must drive a car with a valid registration only. Therefore, you must check the original registration or the registration copy placed inside the car and see whether the registration date and insurance are still valid.  Avoid renting a car if in case the registration has expired.

Permission to cross UAE border -During your trip to Dubai, you may want to cross the UAE border, and travel to some other tourist place nearby. So, you must ask the car rental company whether it is allowed or not.

Car Accessories – You may require an extra seat in your car or may be a GPS facility. There are rental companies which offer these accessories at an extra cost. So, you can check with the company.

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