Hankin Mountain: The Hidden Winter Sports Paradise in British Columbia

The Hankin Mountain range in the north of British Columbia is a crowned possession of the backcountry Canada. The mountain range is a relatively new addition to the list of challenging winter sports terrains. However, this part of British Columbia also stands out because of its breathtaking nature and landscape.

The Hankin Mountain peak and its surrounding range provide a winter season full of adventurous days for testing out your skills. And by ‘testing’, I really mean some serious daredevil stuff. If the term terrible beauty had a manifestation, I think that this area could be classed as a perfect example.

Once you’ve decided which winter sport you want to try, check out the aptly named Hankin Mountain ski and snowboard store to get the equipment you will need. From the best selling snowboards to a pair of goggles, it’s all available here.

Why Go For The Hankin Mountain Range?

Hankin Mountain is no ordinary hotspot for bustling tourists. In the surrounding areas, you don’t see many hotels, chalets, or resorts except for a few that are a couple of miles away.

The main reason why they’re perfect for winter sports is that the range doesn’t have many distractions. You can book a room in a Smithers, B.C. hotel, and map your way to the mountain range. This backcountry recreational area has been developed mostly within the last decade.

With plenty to do for all the family, it’s a great choice for your winter sports fix… In fact, the Hankin mountain range is anything but inconvenient. This natural gift has everything for a thrill-seeking winter sportsperson, from plowed roads to alpine climbing and tree skiing.

Above all, there’s another reason why people like me prefer the Hankin area’s quiet and mellow breeze. It’s majorly non-motorized. The thumping of chalet tunes, roar of tourist buses, or any other electrical interference is non-existent. The Hankin mountain range is a recreational region where one can truly connect with nature, its calmness, and its fierceness.

You get a wide variety of different marked terrains that are ideal for different kinds of winter adventure. The area has been cleared in some places to create a wide space for uninterrupted skiing. But if you’re into tree skiing and cut runs, those can be easily arranged as well.

When you’re at the Hankin Mountain ski and snowboard, then the latest gear is perhaps the only talk that you’ll find yourself engaged in. With such a wide selection available, you won’t know where to start. The mountain range and recreational facility is a great place to learn and practice skiing and snowboarding. This mountain range in BC is a great place to start for both the nervous beginners and skillful thrill-seekers alike.

Zero distractions, full exposure, and the company of some like-minded skiers are what you will love the most about this place.

How Do You Get To The Hankin Mountain?

Good question. Hankin mountain is most easily accessible through the Highway 16 from Smithers in British Columbia. To get to the mountain area, you’ll probably need at least 6-8 hours, especially if it’s your first time in the area. Ensure your fuel tank is full and then hit the road north to Smithers.

Reach the Kitsecuegla Loop Road on the highway and drive down this road. You’ll see the signage of the ski area. Ensure you’re alert while following directions, or else you’ll easily lose your route — and waste your day. Reach the Uptrack Forest Service Road, go on another 8 km, and you’ll find yourself at the Hankin Mountain parking lot.

Winter Sports and Recreation at Hankin Mountain

Let’s have a look at what Hankin mountain offers for local and foreign adventure lovers:

1.    Skiing

The world happens to have a number of skiing areas. But there’s nothing quite like the experience at Hankin mountain. The recreational spots are maintained pretty well and house the most challenging ski tracks.

You get the whole mountain to yourself, but you have to be pretty cautious in choosing your track and gear. If you’re not that experienced in skiing without lifts or automated systems, its best to take along some friends. You can arrange for headphones, walkie talkies, and other protective measures prior to your ski trip. You can also look into the nearest resorts that offer the best places to stay while you’re on your trip.

2.    Tree Skiing

Skiing in the Hankins is no ordinary experience. You can take the danger level several notches up and plunge through the trees if you’re willing to. Tree growth in the Hankin terrains seems rather inviting to many skiers. However, it is strongly recommended to carry along protective gear, a first aid box, and a communicable device with you.

The thrill is definitely one-of-a-kind, but not many people dare to go for it. If you want to, just try regular skiing at first to make sure you can manage skiing through the trees. If you go for it, it’s best you get acquainted with the snow texture beforehand.

3.    Snowboarding

Snowboarding is a bit different from skiing, but it’s fun nevertheless. Get your self kitted out and give this a go. It really is a blast and a lot of fun. If you’ve ever been on a skateboard, then you’d maybe find snowboarding easier than skis.

On the contrary, snowboarding does take more effort to learn, but it’s easier to master, even on tracks like the ones found at Hankin. Either way, it’s your choice to go for a sport you’re comfortable with. The resorts and slopes are equally challenging for both and give you a lot of space to practice and perfect your sport.

4.    Alpine Climbing

Tourists and mountaineers who visit the Hankins admire another sport, too: Alpine climbing. The area has been groomed and made fit for a challenging climb for those who are into tougher stuff. With the right weather and gear, this is one more venture you’ll absolutely enjoy.

This area has natural beauty and plenty to see and do. It doesn’t matter if this is your first trip here or you are regular, the views are amazing.





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