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People wondering about future travel plans may have some anxiety about traveling due to pandemic. People also have various concerns about traveling, including which places to visit are safe, rules in place for visitors, and can you get a refund for reservations placed in advance. For others, anxiety levels increase at the idea of traveling, especially on an airplane or to places where the COVID-19 virus is actively spreading.

It is common to have worries during uncertainty, but there are things you can do to help calm your nerves while adjusting to traveling changes that may be around for a while due to the pandemic. Here are tips to consider when making travel plans during the pandemic.

Make Traveling Easier and More Comfortable

Look for ways to make the process easier. Think about any routes you’ll take to get to where you are going. Consider the mode of transportation and places you’ll be visiting or staying. Use resources such as travel websites that provide comparison tools to help make things easier. Such sites may help with finding cheaper options for lodging and transportation. Think about taking something with you that enables you to feel calm and comfortable when at home, such as a book, blanket, or tea. If you plan such efforts, it can go a long way after you reach your destination.

Give Yourself Time

Allow plenty of time to plan and travel. The last thing you need is to be in a rush getting things ready or getting stressed out about being on time somewhere. During the planning process, you may learn you’ll need extra time wherever you’re traveling due to safety and security reasons, like the need to quarantine or limited hours of individual businesses and attractions. If you plan to fly, note some airlines may require you to arrive early. So, consider these and related details when timing your schedule.

Be Aware of Safety Precautions

Get to know guidelines and precautions for keeping you and anyone you travel with safe. Many places require people to wear masks. Keep your distance from others and avoid crowds when possible. Use hand sanitizer when soap and water aren’t accessible. Avoid close contact with someone who is sick. Keep your hands away from your face to reduce the risk of spreading germs. Check guidelines for where you’re traveling, including the airport or any safety measures in place at your destination.

Bring Your Products

When planning, consider stocking up on products to help you stay safe. Things such as hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and masks are standard accessories. It helps to have what you need and what you rely on before reaching your destination to limit excess trips to the store. If you don’t have extras to pack, be sure to know where you can get such items if you need them at your destination.

Occupy Your Mind to Keep Anxiety at Bay

Sometimes traveling includes long waits or being in spaces that make you feel uncomfortable. To help calm you while traveling, bring activities to keep your mind calm and focused. Activities like reading, word search puzzles, journal writing, playing your favorite digital game or download an app to promote calmness may also help pass the time. Such actions are useful when traveling with airlines that turn off their inflight touch screens to reduce contamination.

Know Your Limits

It is one thing to travel to a destination, but sometimes understanding your limitations puts the process into a better perspective. Be realistic while traveling, and consider taking small steps. Some want to hurry up and get to where they want to be to get it over with, but it may add more stress and anxiety, trying to rush things. To help you get through the travel process, focus on meeting milestones to help ease concerns.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

If you feel comfortable traveling, that is great! If the idea of traveling doesn’t sit well with you right now because of the pandemic, think things through and consider waiting. You don’t have to travel if you are not ready or because others are doing so. Avoid allowing yourself to feel pressured by others to travel. Be kind to yourself and recognize your feelings. 

Talk about Your Anxiety

Confront your feelings of anxiety with someone you trust or work with a therapist. It is common for people to feel anxious when going through the experience. Traveling during a pandemic is something many people learn to adjust based on their situation. You can learn how to travel again during the pandemic and learn new techniques to control your thoughts and fears. Many people use online therapy to confront their worries about traveling. You can talk to someone at any time with details confidential. You may learn additional ways to make travel less stressful so you can enjoy the experience.

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