10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Australia

World tourism is opening up again! And what better place than Australia to visit at this time. In fact, isn’t it time to catch up on all the summer fun that everyone missed because of Covid-19? Apart from the fact that the Australian residents and tourists can now bask in all the summer sun, here are a few more reasons to travel to Australia!

The Beaches

No vacay trip to Australia can be deemed complete if you have not yet relished in the feel of those remote seas far away from any other continent. The long coastline and seaside adventures of the country will surely make you relax. You could choose from hustled beaches with all kinds of seafood to try or far more private, secluded coasts for a blissfully silent view.

Coral Reefs

Though you cannot deny Australia’s beaches’ magic, the island countries’ actual enigmatic component lies far beyond the oceans. The country has so much to offer, from the famous Great Barrier Reef to a more individual Port Douglas reef. The underwater art, marine life, and museums are sure to leave you awestruck! You can dive for long, see the naturally artsy reefs beside the modern-day aquatic collections, and of course, swim alongside the most exotic marine life of the world.


As un-astounding as it may sound to visit a country for the sake of giant rock, you will only be surprised beyond measure as you behold the sight of the age-worn landscape plus the red-hot shimmering hues of the iron dust. The Uluru rock covers about sprawls over 8 kilometers and is a breathtaking sight as you witness the age-old rock with several cuts and erosions that slithered through the red rock over the centuries.

Tropical Rainforests

If you have not yet beheld a sight as marvelous as the ocean and the forests coming together, Cape Tribulation is more than ready to amaze you. Apart from this lush space with the most secluded swimming holes, Australia is home to the world’s one of the oldest rainforests. You can use the place to have a calming vacation in nature’s bosom while you trek and hike through the greenery. Do try finding some dinosaur bones while you are at it.

Riding the Waves

You cannot go to Australia and not try your luck at surfing. The beaches are not famous for the seafood or barbeques only, but also the surfing waves that are suitable for all riders, either beginners or experts. Surfing is an essential element of the Australian culture, and given the vast shores, it only makes sense the waves are used for some fun. You can catch the best waves on the East Coast, Queensland, or Bondi Beach or Noosa.

The Climate

Do you love winters or a fan of the perennial summers? Well, Australia will definitely help you enjoy your favorite summer days if you are looking for a year of all-around summer or even winters if that is your pick.

Just board a flight as soon as you see the first signs of fall in your native country and hit the warm, breezy beaches of Australia, where the temperature rises by the day. While the whole world shivers in its warmest jackets in all countries, you can sip on a cold lemonade and enjoy a great outdoor time. Or, go when you want to escape the heat bouts of your native country in a wintry place and sip on hot chocolate.

The Glitter of the Cities

Australia has done quite well, even being one of the remotest places on the globe, and the hard work of the nation does shine through the glittering and shimmering cities of the distant country. You can spend time marveling through the grand opera house in Sydney or the serene calm of Cairn and its rainforests. The country is a perfect balance of culture, tranquility, adventure, spontaneousness, and of course, the wild.

Snorkel and Sharks

Visting the coral reefs for the sheer beauty is a fantastic adventure, but snorkeling through it to enjoy marine life is another experience. The world’s largest organism will sure welcome you with the most colorful aquatic life to view. Also, if you plan to be a bit more adventurous, you can snorkel beside whale sharks in the Ningaloo reef. Having an enjoyable bout with sea lions in Port Lincoln is fantastic, too. And, if one beach does not suit you well, there are 11,000 minus one beach to try still!

Mt. Augustus

Ever came across a rock so big that is actually named ‘Mt.’? The world’s highest rock Mt. Augustus, located in Mount Augustus park, is in Western Australia, and you can climb it as you make a trip through the amazing country. The hiking trip will take you to the top of the 1000 million-year-old rock, which is a fascinating sight in itself. The rock is two and a half times bigger than the magnificent Uluru!

The Culture

If the wild, raw, or even the country’s urban landscapes have yet not pulled at your travel maniac heart, the culture will surely sway you off your feet. Incredibly modern and progressive, the Australian culture is full to brim with notions of no judgment passing and extreme partaking in fun activities. You can indulge in all your favorite activities and not get frowned upon.

Migrating to Australia

Now that you have checked out the fantastic adventures that Australia has to offer, it’s worth it to take a look at the Australian Citizenship Test. The easy test practice and other facts about test essentials will make you pass through the tests like a breeze because you will not want to return once you witness the country’s marvelous landscapes!

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