10 Places You Must Visit in Ukraine

Ukraine has many hidden pearls that even experienced tourists would be glad to find. A country with such a rich history and culture should be interesting just because of that. Though, Ukraine can also be a place of unique natural sights, beautiful seashores, and wild nightlife. Check out these 10 places you must visit in Ukraine.

1. Lviv

The cobbled streets of Lviv echo in the hearts of every Ukrainian. Lviv is the cultural capital of Ukraine. The city is a unique mixture of multiple cultures, from the Austro-Hungarian empire to Poland, to Ukraine, of course. Honestly, you’ll need to read a few assignment geek reviews, to pick a writer who can tell you all about its history. Though, what it’s actually known for, beyond great historic architecture, is the dining culture. You’ll find there many creative and unique approaches to food and dining atmosphere.

2. Kyiv

The capital of the country is an absolute must-see for every first-time tourist. There’s something for everyone. If you like history, Kyiv hosts many sights worth your attention. If you are into clubbing, you are in the right place. Kyiv’s nightlife is prospering now. If you prefer observing the architecture, this city will not disappoint you. Overall, it’s quite easy to fall in love with this fast-paced, diverse, massive city.

3. Vinnytsia

Vinnytsia is adorably small, charming, and cozy. Yet, it shows one of the most rapid development rates in Ukraine. It is very modern, with well-thought infrastructure, many local businesses, and beautiful nature around it. It’s not too far from Kyiv, so you can dedicate a day to visit it during your stay in the capital. 

4. Carpathian Mountains

All hikers just must visit the Carpathian mountains. The Carpathians spread all across the Western part of Ukraine, and go further to Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and other neighboring counties. Though, Ukraine has the highest peak of Carpathian named Hoverla. Surprisingly, reaching Hoverla is quite easy. The route is simple and the view during your hike is just gorgeous. It is a highly popular tourist attraction. It can take only a few hours to reach the highest peak of Hoverla.

5. Zaporizhia

Zaporizhia has great historical significance for Ukraine. For centuries it was the center of cossack’s life. Thus, this city was the heart of Ukrainian most famous fearless warriors who fought for Ukraine’s independence. Zaporizhia honors this precious history. The city has an entire park dedicated to those glorious times. You can visit the park and see, even experienced, the life in a typical cossack settlement was. And if you leave hungry for more, you can always order a history paper at writersperhour site. 

6. Kamianets-Podilskyi

Do you want to see the 12th-century castle? If your answer is positive, we suggest you see Kamianets-Podilskyi. It has a beautiful and nicely preserved fortification that attracts thousands of people every year. If you pick your timing right, you may even see the famous Hot Air Balloon Festival. It’s quite a spectacle, we assure you. 

7. Ivano-Frankivsk

A tiny city on the west of Ukraine is often ignored by tourists. We think it’s for shame. The city can pleasantly surprise even the most experienced tourists. It’s not even the specific historic or natural sights, though, there’s plenty of those. It’s the overall atmosphere that one feels at the very first moment in the city. It’s very peaceful, calm, and yet very lively and energetic. The city center is almost free of cars, which makes it great for walks. Besides, the city is surrounded by mountains and forests, which speaks volumes of fresh air and a good environment. 

8. Klevan, Rivnens’ka oblast

Beyond the seaside, mountains, and historical sights, there is still more to Ukraine to surprise you. The village Klevan in Rivno can be quite a nice destination for everyone who travels with their loved one. The thing is, Klevan has a famous Tunnel of Love. It is a tram’s route that goes through a long tunnel covered in greens. It looks incredibly romantic and attracts thousands of couples every year. Just keep in mind that the tunnel will look at its best in summer or rather snowy winter. 

9. Odessa

If you’d like to take a swim in the Black Sea, you won’t find a better place than Odessa. It is a nice city with a rich history and culture. Whether you are an opera lover or a clubber, you won’t be disappointed. Oh, and if you like Russian literature, you’ll find out that many of your favorite authors loved staying in Odessa for summer. Honestly, you can read up about Tolstoy’s time in Odessa, if you want. Of course, you better read this essayhave review first. 

10. Explore

Renting a car in Ukraine can be very cheap. So, the best advice for future tourists in Ukraine is to get on a road trip and see what the country can show you. Ukraine is a very vast and diverse country. It has everything your heart can desire. It has mountains, seashores, forests, cultural and historical sights, impressive nightlife, and peaceful streets of cozy towns. 


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