10 Reasons to Use Quality Approved Sunglasses in Summer

Although our eyes need to be protected throughout the year, it is with the arrival of summer that we must exercise extreme caution. Generally, at this time of year we spend more time outdoors and it is when exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays increases the most. These affect the surface with greater energy and, without suitable protective sunglasses, could have harmful effects on visual eye health.

In this sense, using quality approved sunglasses is essential to reduce and avoid these types of problems associated with the direct incidence of UV rays in the eyes. Of course, as long as they are acquired in Optics and Optometry establishments to ensure that they comply with the regulations, they have adequately passed the health control of the optician-optometrist and that they will not contribute to damage to the cornea or the retina. We should avoid those that do not offer sufficient trust such as certain Internet portals, markets, bazaars or those that can be found in supermarkets, gas stations or via editorial promotions.

Currently there is a wide range of this type of optical protection articles with various characteristics depending on the user and the activity required. Different filters, categories, shapes, materials … If we want to follow the latest trends, we will surely find our ideal model and you can best sunglasses and prescription sunglasses at Designer Optics. Now, don’t forget that sunglasses are more than a mere accessory and their use can guarantee that your summer is much safer visually, as they offer the following benefits:

  • They provide a comfortable vision, ideal for driving. After confinement, outings and road trips have increased, especially on weekends or on vacation days. Approved and quality sunglasses guarantee optimal driving, as they help avoid risks due to glare from lights, sun glare, and reduce visual fatigue.
  • They adapt your vision quickly to the lighting conditions. Quality sunglasses lenses adjust your visual system to the intensity of ambient light, dramatically reducing light intensity without changing the color spectrum of objects or traffic signs. Thus, greater visual comfort is achieved, allowing you to see without making excessive efforts.
  • They are ideal for sports such as cycling, sailing, canoeing, running … In addition to protecting from the sun, they are able to safeguard the eyes from possible impacts.
  • They prevent and delay the risk of serious eye damage and injury. This is the case of cataracts or retinal pathologies such as macular degeneration, considered today as the most common of vision deterioration, whose main factor that contributes to its formation is direct exposure to the sun or exposure with sunglasses without a proper UV filter.
  • They reduce the risk of suffering from dry eyes, since they act as a protective barrier against external agents such as flashes or small particles of dust or grit that can be transported by the wind.
  • They improve the contrast of images and perceived objects and do not alter the natural colors of the environment.
  • They can enter user ranking. If a refractive error is present, custom prescription lenses compensate for optimal visual acuity with excellent UV filtering.
  • They are essential so that people with photophobia (who suffer from high sensitivity to light) can enjoy vision without eye damage, as in the case of solar glasses with polarized filters, which provide greater visual comfort to this type of people already that avoid glare.
  • They reduce eye fatigue caused by exposing the eyes to constant changes in brightness and light intensity.
  • They should be used not only in summer, but throughout the year. On cloudy days this protection must be much greater, since even if we do not see it, the sun continues to affect the surface through its rays. In addition, the clouds act as a prism, reflecting them more diffusely.

Remember! It is essential to always purchase quality approved glasses in Optics and Optometry establishments that have the proper health control from both the manufacturer and the primary care health professional. Be responsible and go to your optician-optometrist!

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