Could CBD Help Calm Travelers Embarking on Road Trips or Long-Haul Flights?


There is such a thing as ‘travel anxiety.’ It is a combination of travel stress and the fear of visiting an unfamiliar place. This can trigger feelings of panic in individuals on road trips or those who travel by airplane.

There is no question that airplanes are a modern miracle. However, this incredible feat of engineering also causes an enormous level of anxiety in some people. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, a fear of flying, called aviophobia, affects around 6.5% of the American population. This equates to over 20 million people!

While statistics favor the road or air traveler, logical thinking doesn’t enter the equation when one is gripped by fear. Therefore, news that cannabidiol, the primary non-intoxicating compound in hemp and cannabis, could help reduce anxiety has understandably led to a spike in interest.

In this article, we check out whether products such as PureKana CBD cream and other CBD topicals can help calm those travel nerves. We also look at the legalities involved in traveling with cannabidiol in the United States.

Can CBD Help Reduce My Travel Anxiety?

Research indicates that the answer is ‘yes.’ It doesn’t cause an intoxicating high like THC in marijuana. Therefore, you are unlikely to suffer from heightened anxiety or paranoia. There are studies into the use of CBD for anxiety that paint a compelling picture of its efficacy.

A preliminary study published in Neurotherapeutics in 2015 looked at CBD as a possible treatment for anxiety disorders. The researchers focused on 49 studies using search terms such as ‘cannabidiol’ and ‘stress,’ ‘anxiety,’ or ‘fear.’

The researchers concluded by saying evidence from human studies was positive regarding CBD use for anxiety disorders. However, there was a caveat. It was most effective when used orally in doses of 300 – 600mg. A bottle of 1,000mg CBD oil often costs around $70+. Those who use products such as CBD topicals are unlikely to use that much of the cannabinoid.

A study published in The Permanente Journal in 2019 looked at the use of CBD to help patients with anxiety and sleep issues. The final sample involved 47 adults who cited anxiety as their main concern. After one month of use, almost 80% of patients reported decreased anxiety scores. These scores remained low for the duration of the three-month study.

In this particular study, the adults all received a 25mg CBD capsule. Only a handful received more. This is good news for individuals seeking to use CBD topicals, gummies, or oil. A 25mg dose is significantly more manageable.

Is It Legal to Travel with CBD?

Trying to answer this question may cause additional anxiety! Unfortunately, there are many challenges associated with trying to travel with cannabidiol in the United States. It still isn’t a federally legal substance. This is even though industrial hemp growth with a maximum of 0.3% THC is now permitted.

When you reach an airport’s security section, you enter a world where federal law intervenes. Up until recently, this meant you couldn’t fly with CBD. Fortunately, in 2019, the TSA announced that it was legal to fly with hemp and CBD products.                                                                  

However, a significant gray area still exists. There is a suggestion that only items such as CBD topicals and oils with zero THC are allowed on board. Others believe that CBD products with a maximum of 0.3% THC are permitted.

The other BIG problem is that many TSA officers cannot tell the difference between CBD and THC. Even if you have a clearly labeled CBD topical, for example, you could face questioning. The TSA has also warned passengers that the final decision rests with the officer on duty. Therefore, it is a matter of luck whether you can bring your CBD on board a plane.

If you are travelling by car or public transport, there are also obstacles to face. Technically, you can’t bring CBD across state lines. It also depends on the state you are visiting. For example, you could encounter more difficulties in Iowa than in Colorado. Once again, a lot depends on the law enforcement official you meet. One may wave you on with no problems, while another could mistake your CBD topical for marijuana.

Final Thoughts on Whether CBD Can Help with Travel Anxiety

There evidence in favor of using CBD for travel anxiety is growing. Research so far suggests that the cannabinoid could decrease the level of anxiety one feels in general. Take some before you board a plane or go on a road trip. However, the unclear legal picture means you must be wary when bringing CBD with you. If in doubt, use it before the trip, buy some more wherever you go, and take it before your return journey.

You can find a huge range of top-quality products online. A prime example is PureKana CBD cream. It contains less than 0.3% THC and has third-party lab reports to show the cannabinoid content.

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