How CBD Keeps You Climbing Without the High

Anyone who enjoys physical sports or outdoor activities understands the pain and frustration of overworking yourself.

You were prepared to have a good time, but the moment you get home, or the next morning, you find yourself inflamed and irritated. Well, for rock climbers and other physically active people, CBD might be the answer.

Here’s how CBD can keep you climbing, but without the high of regular cannabis.

How CBD Works

Before you start searching for the best CBD capsules to take, you might want to learn a bit about this compound.

For starters, CBD is one of the main cannabinoids found within hemp plants. It interacts with the human body in a variety of different ways.

By working with the endocannabinoid system, CBD can trigger a myriad of physiological responses. Many of these responses can be positive effects that help users overcome problems and generally improve their wellbeing.

One important thing to remember about CBD is that it does not get you high. This is in stark contrast to THC, the other prominent cannabinoid in hemp plants, which is well known for inducing a potent psychoactive high.

CBD can create all these effects using the same bodily system that THC does; only it doesn’t create any high whatsoever. This is imperative for those looking to use cannabinoids while engaging in physical activity because doing things like rock climbing while high is a recipe for disaster.

It might seem like a good idea to be high while out in nature, but it could cause you to put yourself in danger.

So, how does CBD help improve your physical performance and keep you climbing upwards, all without any high?

CBD & Inflammation

The primary reason that so many athletes use CBD on a regular basis is its ability to affect the inflammation response.

When your body notices an injury, it triggers a series of reactions that result in a growing inflammation. While this inflammation is painful, it is actually beneficial to the body, as it aids in its healing response, as well as forcing you to be more careful with the injured area.

While it is generally a useful thing, constant inflammation can get very tiresome for those who regularly engage in physical activity.

According to a variety of studies, CBD can control and mitigate the inflammation response. Research includes this study by Nagarkatti et al. for the Journal of Future Medicinal Chemistry.

By applying a handy CBD topical, the user can slow down the inflammation response and make it easier for athletes to recover from their injuries.

CBD is also useful as a way to reduce pain throughout the body, something that everyone used to physical exertion is familiar with. By taking CBD topicals, generalized pain and aches from overexerting yourself can be more easily dealt with without having to resort to dangerous or potentially addictive painkillers.

While the use of CBD topicals is still gradually growing, it is becoming especially popular among sporty people like rock climbers for just this reason.

Final Thoughts: How CBD Keeps You Climbing without the High

The idea of using CBD topicals and other similar products after a day of physical activity might seem strange to many people. It is gradually becoming a mainstay of athletes everywhere.

Whether to treat specific injuries, handle generalized pain and inflammation, or just to improve mental wellbeing, athletes are finding a myriad of great uses for CBD products.

And, best of all, CBD doesn’t pose any risk of getting you high, something incredibly vital in the world of professional sport.

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