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What comes to your mind when you think about cruising across the Great Lakes? A trip with Victory Cruise Lines across the Great Lakes is an opportunity to experience the beauty of cruising and enjoy the real adventure. The MV Victory I&II are agile small ships designed to navigate through narrow waterways, including hidden ports and bays, something that’s not possible with large vessels. With professional and friendly staff, onboard enrichment programs, special packages, a tour of the British colonies and North America, Victory Cruise Lines offers the real Great Lakes experience. Below is a brief preview of the many features you are in for when you book an adventure trip with Great Lakes Cruises.


Our MV Victory I & II embarks on an adventure exploration voyage across the historic Great Lakes in North America. From the epic Lawrence River to the fascinating vistas of the Atlantic coast, our itineraries go beyond the borders of America and expand to British Columbia. We also traverse New England colonies, tour remote islands with indigenous wildlife and culture, and make stops in Historical French-Canadian villages with Victorian era setting and rich history of seafarers.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our two cruise ships have a maximum capacity of 202 guests and 84 crew members. All your needs aboard the Victory Cruise are exceptionally personalized to suit your taste and preferences. Our crew provides attentive yet intuitive services 24/7. No matter where or when you would like to be served your favorite coffee or cocktail, we find immense pleasure pampering you and ensuring you’re comfortable and happy.

Dining and Entertainment

Whether you prefer casual or fine dining, every dining experience aboard the Victory Cruise is an opportunity to taste diverse local cultures and cuisine. Skilfully and artfully prepared by our professional kitchen staff, a complimentary drink of your choice accompanies each meal. Dining is served in an open setting to allow interacting and making friends with fellow voyagers. Private dining is also available on request. The comfortable English style tavern provides a relaxing atmosphere to unwind and share a good time with friends and fellow travellers. Talented musicians in the main lounge and evening dance sessions ensure that you remain happy and thoroughly entertained throughout the voyage.

Cabin Amnesties

After enjoying an active day on the port, you can escape to your private cabin, which features a modern artistic theme with a luxury mattress, deluxe duvets, and fresh, comfortable bed sheets. You will have your choice of pillow options, personal robes, plush towels, fine bath amnesties, hairdryers, and a full five-star luxury hotel experience. Enjoy unlimited wireless internet in all sections within the ship, a flat-screen TV in your cabin, and a direct dial-in-cabin telephone.

The comfort, cruises, and services inside the MV Victory I & II can’t be described in words. You will have to book a trip with us to fully experience and enjoy the magnitude of what we have to offer you. Only then will you grasp the extent of where we are willing to go to make your trip across the Great Lakes memorable and adventurous. For more information on destinations, bookings, and travel requirements, visit our website or contact

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