Here’s What I Found When I Bought a 3rd Gen Tacoma Bed Rack

Ok, so I’m the sort of guy that likes the basics in life, so I’m not someone who usually spends too much on aftermarket additions. I just like my truck the way it is – well, I did until I started having trouble transporting certain larger items for work. I mentioned this fact in the office and someone suggested to me that I invest in a 3rd Gen Tacoma bed rack.

I looked into it, found the ideal vendor (which in this case was Rago Fabrication) and after a couple of days my bed rack arrived. I’m relatively handy, which allowed me to install it pretty easily and without taking up too much of my day. After I’d finished, I took a step back…

It Looked Amazing!

Now, I know that you don’t really buy a bed rack for aesthetic reasons, but the first thing that struck me was just how cool it made my Toyota look. It looked great before I installed it – one of the reasons why I bought it in the first place – but this added something extra that made my truck look super-professional. I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I started to drive more to show it off!

It Did What I Set Out to Do!

The main crux of the matter and perhaps the main question that needs to be answered is whether the 3rd Gen Tacoma bed rack met the need that led me to buy it. I can emphatically say that it did and then then some! Not only was it super sturdy and great for anchoring my ties to, but it also presented so many more places to lash my ladders and larger equipment too.

Since I made the investment, I haven’t had any issues with transporting large items between clients. Now, the only objects I can’t transport are those that simply won’t fit on my truck bed – but that’s not something I encounter very often.

It Offers Driver Protection I Didn’t Even Anticipate

When researching enhanced storage solutions for my Toyota, I looked at all of the storage-related specs for my 3rd Gen Tacoma bed rack and was impressed enough to take the plunge and buy one. What I hadn’t anticipated was the extra safety and protection benefits that came along with it.

In addition to increasing my available cargo space, it also offered rollover protection, so if I was unlucky enough to take a tumble and roll my beloved Toyota, I’d be safe and sound inside, with my bed rack stopping the cab from becoming crushed.

What it also provides is an effective barrier against anything hitting me from behind when I’m driving. To illustrate what I mean, I’ll tell you about a friend of mine who was seriously injured when he had an accident.

Ironically, it wasn’t the accident itself that injured him, rather his safety rig in the back that was flung forwards during the impact, smashing through the glass and luckily only glancing off him as it passed through, past him and through the windshield.

With a 3rd Gen Tacoma bed rack or the equivalent for his make and model in place, the projectile wouldn’t have made it that far.

I’d Recommend Buying One For a Number of Reasons

Buying any aftermarket upgrade for your truck needs to be justified and with a 3rd Gen Tacoma bed rack, you get this in spades. I’d recommend buying one based on the storage features alone, but then again, I’d buy one for the safety benefits it offers too.

I’m no advocate of pimping your ride, but when it comes to function and safety, I’m all over it, so if you’re like me and you find that your vehicle isn’t quite doing what you want it to, I’d seriously consider this as one of the  most useful upgrades you can make.

What you do is your own business, but what I’d say is that you should try and be open to the idea, rather than throwing the baby out with the bathwater and buying a bigger truck.

If you don’t have a bed rack yet and you’re deliberating whether it’s a good idea – take it from me – it is and if you invest in a good one, I’m certain you’ll like it every bit as much as I have.

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