Traveling Abroad – The Ultimate Guide

Traveling is fun. You will find it more amazing when you travel abroad for an adventure. But before that, you need to make earlier plans, particularly when booking flights and packing needed things.

Let’s assume you think you have everything intact only to arrive at the airport and realize that you’ve forgotten your passport. Such a small thing will easily damper your awaited escape out of the country. However, ensure that you dedicate yourself to health, safety, and finances when making preparations for the travel.

Sometimes, you may feel overwhelmed traveling, but you can buy SoundCloud followers and Facebook to keep yourself busy. How can you ensure everything goes perfectly? We have compiled a checklist of things you need in your next travel. It will help you to save preparation time; read on.

  1. Focus on Your Safety: Insurance and State’s Alerts

Traveling overseas will need you to have some essential items or documents. These are the most ignored things.

One of the things to have include travel insurance for emergencies alert. You need it because you may need evacuation assistance from flight cancellation or protection from the hotel. Additionally, State’s alerts could keep you updated on upcoming or current travel issues – including strikes, restrictions, and political unrest. Receiving these alerts enables you to make proper plans and arrangements for unexpected obstacles.

Taking travel insurance will cost you a few dollars each day. But the good thing, in case you experience some challenges, it can help you recover. Perhaps you received emergency medical attention or a broken camera; you can save thousands of dollars with insurance.

  1. Organize Travel Documents & Credit Cards

In your checklist, ensure all necessary travel documents are put together while traveling abroad. Remember that your passports and visas should be up to date. Depending on the country you choose to travel to, some restrictions only allow valid passports of less than six months.

You have to ensure that you’re not turned back or delayed for having an old passport. A visa may be important only in some countries. It is easy to lose your physical and digital copies. You have to have copies of those documents and contacts of families you can contact.

When traveling, your banks may not be aware. So, your credit cards will be denied to make purchases. It is advised you carry multiple cards because one can fail to work.

To avoid inconveniences, you can opt to take a cell phone picture of essential documents like a passport. When you lose these documents and report, you will be having your passport number ready.

  1. Vaccination

Traveling abroad requires vaccination. It is therefore vital you get all essential vaccinations. If possible, take a few weeks before for it to build full immunity. Some of these vaccinations will require you to have multiple doses and may have to be administered days, weeks, or months.

Visit your doctor and ask for CDC-recommended shots. These are protocols for vaccination, depending on the country. Most countries will require you to have proof of various vaccinations, such as yellow fever. So, visiting a clinic will sort out the needed vaccination and medications.

After you get vaccinated, carry the vaccinated certificate with you because customs requires you to produce it before entering the country.

  1. Study Your Destination

Having some knowledge of your destination is valuable. Not all locations are safe for you. Read about that region in advance and garner insights on essential things such as appropriate clothing, tipping norms, useful phrases, currency exchange rates, and legal customs. You have to be prepared in advance as that can help you avoid landing in a compromising situation. 

  1. Ensure Your House is Well Taken Care

Perhaps you have traveled six time zones only to realize that you forgot to stop mail delivery. Another thing, you could be having indoor plants that need watering. So, to avoid these inconveniences, ensure the daily activities have been covered. Try to appoint a friend who can help you do them.

Moreover, if you have a pet, look for a pet sitter who will do the chores for you.

  1. Stay Connected

As you travel, you have to be in touch with your family and friends. They have to ensure you’re safe, and to do that, ensure the phone or network provider you use can work overseas.

You already know the countries you plan to visit. Call your provider and ask whether it will be possible to use your phone there and their international phone plans. When you find their plans expensive, try a mobile hotspot as that can be a cost-effective option.

  1. Download the Necessities

You will find that it is easy to pack your smartphone over other documents. But remember that offline maps will be your best friends, especially when you are on low battery or limited data. The good thing, you will find Wi-Fi in various places, and you can use it to download Google Maps. This will allow you to follow them through your GPS without roaming days and using up battery life.

You can also Downlight in-flight entertainment because TV malfunctions as you travel. And streaming won’t be available when you don’t have consistent in-flight WiFi. Therefore, you can pre-download TV shows and movies through music streaming services and Amazon Prime.

Don’t forget you need a portable backup charger. It will help you charge your phone after draining the battery while watching videos for hours. Again, it will feel worse when you find a WiFi hotspot only for your phone to die.

  1. Pack Essentials

Lastly, in your trip preparations, there are things you don’t have to forget. The climate of the place you’re visiting will determine what to pack in your bag. However, don’t forget to pack these items:

  • Medications
  • Passport and visa
  • Insurance and ID cards
  • Portable charger
  • Pen to fill out forms
  • Cash and credit cards
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Headphones
  • Electrical converters
  • Adaptors for specific destinations
  • Sleeping pills, eye mask, and earplugs
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Sweater and scarf


An international trip is essential. The lack of one or two of these items above may impact your traveling. Remember to use this checklist before leaving the house to the airport.

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