Reasons Why Private Jets of Formula One are Essential

Aviation and Formula 1 have several things in common—speed, aerodynamics, innovative technology! These two sectors have enjoyed a strong and in-depth relationship for decades. Most of the renowned people in the racing sport are never shy to admit their adoration for aircraft and private jets.

With Formula 1 races happening worldwide, the strong relationship between aviation and Formula 1 shines through to make the worldwide motorsport as successful. You could even say that private jets are necessary for Formula 1.

Here are some of the reasons why private jets of Formula 1 are essential:

They are time-saving

With Grand Prix Formula 1, the more locations you visit. The more exciting the experience is. Private jets make it possible to go to more race locations in a short amount of time. This is a beneficial aspect for a majority of the key stakeholders in the games. Everyone from the sponsors, owners to celebrities who attend the Grand Prix appreciates the perks of using private jets in terms of revenue, flexibility, and productivity. Chartering a private jet ensures a seamless transition between enjoying one of the most exciting sports and enjoying incredible locations.

Reduced waiting times

With time being one of the most valuable assets anyone has, a private jet tends to be the best bet for anyone who would rather avoid the delays, layovers, cancellations of commercial flights, as well as some embarrassing security screening procedures.

They get the show done

Formula 1 Grand Prix events need to be transported to other venues. All this has to be done quickly before the next races begin. We are talking about breaking down and packaging hefty equipment and materials then moving them across large distances. The logistics of it all necessitates private jets flying for Formula 1 that can move quickly without any delays. These jets also move cars to the race locations. Tons and tons of weight could have taken forever if transported by ships or trains.

They ensure that everything in Formula 1 Grand Prix goes with the plan

The Formula 1 Grand Prix setup has become more complex due to the pressure from technological advancements. Most of the employees go to the venues weeks before the weekend of the race to ensure that everything is going according to plan. They need to do cabling, wiring and constructing garages and hospitality facilities to be used in the race. Like with anything in life, no amount of planning is usually perfect enough to be foolproof from any challenges. In the event that any equipment is left in the home base, private jets come to the rescue in bringing everything back to order.

They are flexible

The best thing about private jets is their flexibility. If you are running a little late to the Formula 1 Grand Prix, you need not worry. The private jet will still be there waiting for you. If you need to get there earlier, you are also sorted out. In case of bad weather, it is much easier to choose a different flight route than it would be for a commercial flight. The jets can easily get alternative landing places if need be. The flexibility that comes with private jets is unmatched!

They offer comfort

It is significantly more comfortable to travel in a private jet. There aren’t any challenges like little legroom or anyone not being able to order their favourite dish. Private jets tend not to have baggage restrictions making it easier to carry any delicate equipment in them. Even your pet can accompany its owners to the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Final Word

F1 and Aviation have developed a solid relationship with some Formula 1 players acknowledging their love for aircraft and appreciating the convenience and flexibility that private jets offer. Jets come in handy in making Formula 1 events a reality. They have ensured that car parts and equipment are delivered to different areas in the continent quickly and smoothly. In every Grand Prix Formula 1 season, close to 800 tons of media and broadcasting equipment are delivered to race locations using these private jets.

The whole association between F1 and aviation began with Andreas Niki Lauda, formerly a racing driver. The entrepreneur was an avid fan of private jets that were not shy to admit to the fact. Lauda started various aviation enterprises and is known to have had a collection of private jets. Some of the jets he had in his collection were Challenger 300, Global 6000, and Bombardier Global 7500. Lauda is not the only racing driver to show admiration for private jets. Other F1 race drivers like the world champion race driver Lewis Hamilton enjoyed jotting the skies in his private jets before selling his jet to be environmentally conscious. A little walk down memory lane only shows how big a part aviation and private jets play in Formula One.




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