How New Smart Dash Cams Can Save Your Life

We’ve all heard about dashcams, and you may be considering getting one. Dash cams can help you save thousands of pounds by thwarting insurance fraud, providing evidence for insurance claims, and lowering auto insurance rates. But did you know that they can also save your life? While traditional dashcams, or dashboard cameras, simply recorded the road ahead of you, newer dash cams have several inbuilt features that provide critical protection for motorists.  Here’s how new smart dash cams can save your life.



●      Prevent Distracted Driving: navigation and voice control decreases the need for smartphone use while driving which lessens the chances of a road accident

●      Intelligent Parking Mode: this detects unusual activity while the car is parked which helps you avoid abductions

●      Emergency SOS: directs emergency services to your location in the event of a crash

●      GPS Tracker: allows authorities to find you and your car in the event you go missing



Prevent Distracted Driving


Distracting driving kills thousands of motorists every day. Distracted driving encompasses any activity that takes the driver’s focus off the road and onto other things, such as mobile phones. Most often, motorists find themselves using their phones while driving because they need to find directions to reach their location.


Unless you always travel with another passenger, chances are you will need to use your mobile phone to navigate, play music, make calls, or check the weather. So how do you carry out these tasks without endangering your life? Dashcams!


 Dashcams bring inbuilt navigation systems that do all the hard work for you. They find the best route, read the expected traffic, alert for road hazards, and lead you to your destination without ever needing you to pick up the phone.


A voice assistant, such as Alexa, carries out all your routine smartphone tasks like checking the weather and making calls. The hands-free experience allows you to keep your focus on the road, negating the risk of distracted driving accidents.


Intelligent Parking Mode


All of us, at some point in time, have been victims of car vandalism and theft. You park your car in a seemingly safe place, come back hours later only to find either the exterior damaged and vandalized or some of the interior parts missing. This is a common occurrence simply because car thieves repeatedly find newer ways to profit off of other people’s vehicles. If that’s not bad enough, it gets worse. There are several cases where people are kidnapped in their cars because the kidnappers managed to hide inside the car while the people were away. Car thieves also break into cars to steal parts such as catalytic converters, and if you’re seen while the crime is underway, there is considerable risk to your life.


Intelligent Parking Mode is a dashcam feature that detects physical movement around or inside the car while you’re away and records the footage in real-time. Some dash cams also come with preset options that alert you if there’s a chance of car vandalism or break-in. You’ll always know if something happened to your car in your absence.


Emergency SOS


According to World Health Organization, road accidents claim 1.3 million lives every year. To prevent loss of life on roads. Road traffic accidents are also the leading cause of death for people aged 5-29 years. Such casualties decrease when there are roadside emergency services that provide the right assistant in the least amount of time possible. For motorists traveling long distances, often through rural and remote areas, the chances of assistance in the event of an accident decrease because fewer cars are present on the road that can report the crash.


A dashcam’s Emergency SOS system follows pre-set protocols to detect when a car has been heavily impacted. The system then sends a signal to the driver, and when no contact is made, the driver’s location, medical records, and emergency contacts are sent to roadside authorities. Receiving the right treatment in the quickest time decreases your chances of dying in a car crash, and the Emergency SOS proves a vital aid in such situations.


Report Bad Driving


We’ve all met bad drivers on the road: aggressive drivers, drunk drivers, red-light jumpers. Sure, some car crashes are caused by pure accident, but most often a bad driver is responsible for damages caused by road accidents. Every time you get behind the wheel, there’s a chance of bad driving cutting your life short by their negligence.


Dashcams are useful in detecting bad driving because they record all vehicles on the road, as well as their number plates. Motorists are increasingly using dashcam footage to report reckless behaviour on the road to respective authorities. Not only does apprehending such drivers deter them from doing it again, but it also helps make roads safer for all motorists. Reporting dangerous driving may not save your life, but it will create a future where such instances are harder to find.


GPS Tracker


GPS trackers are a prominent feature in dashcams. They record the real-time location of your vehicle and send the stream of data to an assigned device, such as a smartphone.


GPS tracking can be very useful in accidents such as kidnapping, car theft, and missing persons cases. There are many cases of criminals kidnapping people using their car, and if such a thing were to happen to you, a GPS tracker is a sure-fire way of saving your life by enabling authorities to find your exact location without losing valuable time.


What Does This Mean?


Road safety is a major cause for concern for motorists all around the world. Reports show that over 1500 people were killed in road accidents in 2020 alone. If you are a frequent traveler, it’s best to equip your vehicle with motor safety tools such as dashcams to protect your life. While you can get a cheap dashcam for under 100 pounds, new smart dashcam features provide you with critical tools that can help save your life. Features such as GPS Trackers, Intelligent Parking Mode, and Emergency SOS  have been proven to lessen road accident casualties. If you’re lucky, you’ll never need these life-saving features.


It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

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