How Chartering Yachts Is Becoming A Trend In Croatia

Croatia has been gaining popularity and notoriety amongst travelers for the last few years – Croatia food alone is worth a trip. 

Both food and drink are an essential part of the Croatian culture, and what’s more, the food is often seasonal—making it fresh and delicious. 

Poke, beef, and lamb are the meats you are most likely to find, and if you leave Croatia without sampling the čevapi or the Rakija, then you’ll need to go back again! 

Aside from the delicious food from the local restaurants, the people themselves are wonderful. Croatia is welcoming to tourists, and the people are eager to talk to you about the country and everything it offers. 

Due to the stunning coastline, renting a boat to explore the vast coastline is becoming more popular in recent years. 

Why is boating becoming more popular in Croatia?

Croatia is one of the cheapest countries you can visit in Southern Europe – making it increasingly popular for tourism. 

While the prices are very welcoming for tourists, it also has a coastline of over 3,500 miles! That 3,500 mile includes all of the islands that are scattered around too. 

Many people don’t know that Croatia is made up of 1,246 islands – although the number fluctuates based on tides and measurements. Of that colossal number, only 47 of them are permanently inhabited. 

For those who enjoyed the hit series Game of Thrones and performed searches to find where the shooting locations were – Croatia comes top of the list. 

King’s Landing in the show was filmed in Dubrovnik. You can take a stroll and see the Red Keep, the setting of the Purple Wedding, and the House of the Undying. 

Viewers of the show will already know that the seas around Dubrovnik are beautiful. Those unfamiliar with GOT can be enticed by some of the many beaches – simply for the scenery. 

The location and proximity to other countries like Germany and Austria mean that you can simply sail to other European countries! 

The waters surrounding Croatia are friendly, and there is an increasing call for yacht hire from companies like BorrowaBoat

Sailing holidays have seen a steep bump in holiday trends too. In fact, Croatia might be set to compete with Greece in terms of boat hire. 

Why is boating the perfect way to travel in Croatia?

Traveling by plane and then booking a hotel is always going to give you a relaxing getaway. 

It might be hard to picture what could be better than the ease of that. Yet, hiring a boat upon arrival gives you otherwise impossible views from the water to the shoreline. 

When you are boating around a vacation location, you have the opportunity to get the ‘slow-down’ that you might be looking for. As your captain carefully navigates the waters, you can enjoy the gentle waves rocking the boat and breath in the sea air. 

Boating offers freedom unlike any other form of travel. If you arrive at a beach that feels too crowded, you can jet down the coastline and explore further. 

Sailing around offers a touch of luxury – there is a reason you see celebrities on boats off-shore. Sipping ice-cold drinks, listen to music, and access to comfort facilities like a bathroom for a start. 

And finally, there are a few beaches that you won’t want to leave out of your visit, and the best way to get to them? Sailing. 

Which beaches should I visit in Croatia?

It is almost too hard to choose where you should visit first. Here are some of the beaches and coastlines that you simply can’t afford to miss in Croatia. 


Head to Ston for a little bit of history. It is home to some of the oldest salt pans in Europe, and even though it is stunning, it doesn’t get a lot of people traffic. 

While you’re there, take the time to head to any oyster bar – Mali Ston is known for having the freshest and most delicious oysters. Before you leave, you’ll get a bag of salt too. 


If you like to party, then Pag is the place for you. If partying isn’t your style, don’t worry. Pag is known for its stunning views and delectable cheese too. 

Pag is a ‘choose your own adventure’ location. One side of the island has lush greens and small towns, while the other is focused on family tourism – or partying. 

If you want to take the yacht somewhere, then Zrće beach is packed with party-goers, and you’ll find bars and restaurants serving up drinks a-plenty.  What makes this place worth visiting is that a thick pine forest overlooks the 700-meter long beach. 

You can also find bungee jumping and beach volleyball here. 

Nugal Beach, Makarska

The Makarska beaches are some of the most visited, but they are stunning, so they deserve the glory. 

The seaside resorts here are often pricey since the location is one of the most beautiful in the country. They are making yachting one of the most cost-effective ways to spend a few days here. 

Nugal beach is secluded, but you should be aware that 80% of it is reserved for nudists. 

Forests and cliffs surround the beach. And, unless you have traveled by boat, the beach is only accessible by foot. 

Check out the Top 10 Croatian Beaches You Must Visit for more stunning Croatian beach options. 

It’s not hard to see why boat hire is becoming one of the most popular ways to see Croatia.

After all, with so many islands and a huge coastline, is there a better way to maximize your visit? 

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