Features Of The Pajero Sport That Make It One Of The Best Cars For Travelling

Are you searching for the perfect car to fulfil your travelling needs? Look no further than the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

Maybe you’re a family with small children. Or, perhaps you’re looking for a car that can provide extra storage for road trips. The Pajero Sport will be a great fit, as it’s a clever and adaptable car built for travel.

If you’re looking for comfort, convenience and safety see below for a more in-depth look at the car’s features that make it one of the best cars for travelling:

Comfortable and Spacious Interior

The Pajero Sport can house 7 passengers as a standard. The seats are supportive, plush and padded. So, you can travel long distances while remaining comfortable.

The front and second-row boast plenty of leg, elbow and shoulder room. Meanwhile, the third row is great for families with small children.

Alternatively, the three seats in the back row can be folded down in order to pack more luggage away. Therefore, it can accommodate adult-only road trips just as much as family ones.

Boot Space

With all seats in place, the boot can hold 131L. If all of the rear seats are folded down this extends to 502L.

This makes the car very adaptable to each owner’s needs.

High Fuel Economy

All of the 2022 Pajero Sport models have a rating of 8.0L/100km on the ADR combined city and highway cycle. And, a 68L fuel tank.

Considering the car’s size and weight, this is a very respectable fuel economy figure.

Clearly, the car is designed with travel in mind, as neither of these two factors has been compromised. Meaning, the car is as spacious as possible, while maintaining the best fuel economy figure that it can.

As a bonus, the 2022 Pajero Sport is also E10 compatible. This is great for making sure that your long car journeys are as clean as possible. As, this fuel is designed to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Superior Ride Quality

Thanks to an eight-speed automatic transmission, you can trust that the Pajero Sport will provide a smooth ride.

And, you can also be assured that weather will not affect its drivability. There is a 4H permanent AWD setting with open differentiation, so the car can combat any wet conditions on the road.

If your travels are going to take you off-road, the car can also adapt to this. Its Super Select II four-wheel drive system offers an additional rear differential lock. Which will come in handy when surfaces get particularly uneven.

Therefore, the car can handle wherever your travels will take it. This is because It is truly tried and tested for any conditions that the roads may present to you.


All of the Pajero Sport models come with a touch screen infotainment system, which is 8 inches.

This infotainment system supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. With both of these softwares, you can display apps from your mobile onto your car display.

This allows you to make calls, send and receive messages, navigate and control your music in a safe and easy manner while driving.


Speaking of safety, it should also be noted that the general safety of the vehicle is very good too. Of course, when travelling long distances, or any distance you want to know that you’re going to be safe.

Rest assured, the Pajero Sport has an Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) rating of 5.

This is the maximum safety rating that a car can be awarded.

All models of the Pajero Sport come with a reversing camera that has rear parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, and 7 airbags (located in the front, front-side, curtains and driver’s knee).

Concluding Comments

If you’re looking for a trusty, travel all-rounder this car is one of the best out there.

It is adaptable to the specific needs of those who own it. Neither size nor fuel efficiency are compromised. And, it is prepared to go wherever you take it!

As well as this, it makes driving as convenient and safe as possible. The infotainment system allows for a more eased experience. While the car itself holds the highest safety score achievable.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a car for travel, why settle for anything else? The Pajero Sport is certainly one of the best cars on the market for travel.

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