How To Get Great Sleep When You’re On A Vacation

Vacations are exciting. It’s natural to get smitten by new adventures and neglect sleep.

Unfortunately, most of the time we also get back home exhausted, not rejuvenated.

It should be an exception, not the rule.

That’s why we’ve compiled some exclusive tips to help you get the quality sleep you deserve, especially on your vacation.

Stay Organized While Traveling

Our number one tip for anxious travelers is to get organized for changes in your routine due to travel. Organize your itinerary and your luggage to feel in control and comfortable even when everything around you is new.

Clear out every little detail with the hotel management in advance, from the reservation to the kind of mattress they provide. If you’re out on a luxury holiday, book a spa for the day you arrive to recover from the travel fatigue.

Book a window seat if you want to sleep comfortably on the flight. You won’t be disturbed by the activity in the aisle.

When your mind and body are relaxed, it will be easier to doze off.

Travel Sleep Kit

It’s a good idea to create a travel sleep kit for those occasions when you’ve got to spend the night on the flight or a bus.

Keep an eye mask, ear plugs, headphones, and a comfortable travel pillow in the kit. Include your prescription sleep medicine and over-the-counter pain medication too.

If you suffer from sleep bruxism, travel anxiety may trigger symptoms of teeth grinding and jaw clenching in sleep. Pack a night guard in the travel sleep kit to ensure uninterrupted sleep. Smile Brilliant’s custom-fitted night guards come in travel-friendly cases and are very convenient to pack.

Prepare To Fight Jet Lag

Be prepared for a difference in the time zones when traveling overseas.

Adjust your waking and sleeping times according to the new time zone at least a week in advance. Daily adjustments won’t be stressful for your body.

You can also get a watch set to multiple time zones so that it’s easier for you to work your schedule around.

These tips will help you prevent getting jet-lagged.

Take Out Time To Sleep

Plan your travel route to support good sleep.

Don’t book an overnight flight or bus if you’re comfortable sleeping on a recliner seat.

Also, never make the mistake of hanging out at the airport or the train station for the night. Take a hotel room nearby, even if it’s only for 4-5 hours.

Don’t tire yourself to exhaustion. You’d think you could just crash in bed at the end of the day. But sleep doesn’t come easily in a new environment, especially when you’re exhausted.

Try to get back to the hotel at least a couple of hours before bedtime, so that you have enough time to put your feet up and get comfortable.

Dress Comfortably

Comfortable clothing is essential for good sleep. Don’t forget to pack your favorite PJs when you’re out traveling.

If you’re going to sleep on the flight, bring your change of clothes in the carry-on luggage. Also, carry a warm scarf or blanket to feel cozy when the in-flight temperature gets too cold.

Create A Familiar Environment

Just like a security blanket helps a kid to sleep comfortably in new environments, familiar sleeping props can ease things for adults too.

Consider packing your regular pillow or blanket. You’ll be able to feel at home and fall asleep within minutes.

Pay Attention To Diet And Hydration

Our sleep cycles get disrupted during travel often because we neglect diet and hydration on vacations.

What we eat and drink throughout the day affects our sleep considerably. You’ll be able to sleep much better if you avoid oily or spicy meals and drink lots of water during the day.


When you’re holidaying, it’s easy to compromise with sleep because of all the excitement.

But trust us, it’s so much better to sleep well and enjoy the holiday with great energy.

Follow our tips on your next vacation, and you’ll know what difference good sleep makes to the trip.

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