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David’s Been Here is a digital travel media company that was founded in 2007 by David Hoffmann. David is a digital influencer focused on showcasing international destinations through travel episodes, blog articles, and social media platforms. We cater to the modern, independent traveler.

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Lucienne_Borg_Malta_Tourism_Authority _Valletta_Malta_Davidsbeenhere“It was a great pleasure for the Malta Tourism Authority to host David Hoffmann in Malta & Gozo. By coincidence and through social media, David has accepted our invitation gladly to visit the Maltese Islands. I could see the dedication he has to his passion in travel and was very fortunate to meet and accompany him and Ana in various places. He is very professional in his work and very keen to discover the most. The exposure was excellent, good illustrations and recognition to all supporting partners.”

-Lucienne Borg, Senior Executive: Malta Tourism Authority – Valletta, Malta

Kelly_White_Geo_Tourism_Malawi_Swaziland_Davidsbeenhere“We have enjoyed working with David over the last few years and introducing him to two countries in Africa – Malawi and Swaziland. Throughout all our dealings with David we have found him to be both very professional but also very easy and pleasant to work with. His passion for travel is immediately evident, and his enthusiasm for the destinations he visits shines through in all he produces. As his first time to Africa, Malawi threw up some challenges, but he met those well. Prima-donna journalists are a common occurrence, and can be very difficult to work with – David is the opposite. What is important to us is that any trip goes well, and that the resulting exposure is good for the destination, and for the various sponsors of the trip. We have been extremely pleased with the content and extent of David’s output – and he is always alert to the commercial importance of crediting those who hosted him.”

-Kelly White, Geo Tourism (representing Malawi and Swaziland) -London, UK

Amani_Egide_RDB_Tourism_Rwanda_Davidsbeenhere“I met David Hoffmann in Rwanda, working with David taught me to be humble no matter what I achieve in life, David’s level of professionalism is high but he is a gentleman who understands, very patient in everything he had many reasons not to like his travel and I was worried that he was not going to be happy at all but, He is a man with a heart, always smiling with too much love of what he is doing, He knows a lot about tourism and travel but it created joy in me when he was humbly listening to my guiding, David loves the nature always shares the experiences he had in other countries at the end of the day He made me love what my job too.”

-Amani Egide, representingRwanda Development Board – Kigali, Rwanda

Armağan_Aydeğer_Anzac_Hotels_Canakkale_Turkey_Davidsbeenhere“It was really a great opportunity for me to meet with David during his trip to Canakkale, Turkey. In the beginning when I received his offer to stay with us, I thought that he would be one of the many other ordinary writers who  travelling just check the written things and some major places and leave the city, but he wasn’t like that. First of all, he is full of energy, always looking for interesting things. The more important thing was, he had a story for each place. It was very nice to work with him and I believe his travel related works would receive great numbers of followers in the travel industry as growing day by day.”

-Armağan Aydeğer, Owner: Anzac Hotels – Canakkale, Turkey

Natalia_Cojuhari_Ways_Travel_Moldova_Davidsbeenhere“It was a great pleasure for Ways Travel to work with David Hoffmann during his trip to the Republic of Moldova in 2013. I was impressed by his unbelievable professionalism and great desire to learn in details about our beautiful country. No doubt, the Republic of Moldova is a new trend in the world tourism market and I’m sure that through the lens of David’s camera, tourists from different countries will have the opportunity to understand what is Moldova. Thank you, David, for such a great experience!!!”

-Natalia Cojuhari, Professional Guide: Ways Travel – Moldova

Radost_Ivanova_Tourism_Plovdiv_Bulgaria_Davidsbeenhere“It was pleasure to work with David and Ana, they are professional and very well organized. David and Ana are always very well prepared before visiting a destination and both know how to present it in an attractive way. Furthermore their reports, that captured sites in our town, reflect events, leisure activities, etc. This is an essential part of understanding a new destination like Plovdiv. We would love to continue working with David, as his work helps us to promote Plovdiv as a tourist destination.”

-Radost Ivanova, Senior Executive: Plovdiv Municipality – Plovdiv, Bulgaria