Welcome to the China hub at David’s Been Here! I first traveled to China back in 2015 with my father, Tomas. On that trip, we started in the coastal city of Shanghai before traveling on to the capital, Beijing, and one of China’s most historical cities, Xi’an. It was on that trip that I got to visit the mind-blowing Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. I also fell in love with Chinese cuisine on that trip, from the sweet and fluffy pork buns I ate nearly every morning to the spicy, sweet, and crispy jianbing I first tried on the streets of Shanghai.  

My second trip to China came in March of 2019, when the luxury car brand Renault hired me for a one-day job in Shanghai. I took the job and extended my trip so I could explore even more of Shanghai than before and also visit the cities of Suzhou and Hangzhou for the first time. Along the way, I also took an unforgettable day trip to Tongli, a beautiful ancient water town cut by canals and waterways.

This Far Eastern nation is one of my absolute favorites to visit. It lies at the end of the famed Silk Road, and was famously visited by the Italian merchant and explorer Marco Polo in the 13th century. I got to dive deep into China’s history on both trips, visiting ancient gardens, elaborate temples, and stunning landmarks along the way. I also had the opportunity to explore the diverse wonders of Chinese cuisine, from the tongue-combusting spice level of Szechwan cuisine to the equally flavorful Cantonese, Yunnan, Ningbo, and Shangxi cuisines as well.

Even though I have traveled to China twice in my life, I know I have barely scratched the surface of this alluring Asian country. There are so many regions of the country I haven’t even touched, and history and cultures I would love to dive further into. I can’t wait to explore them so I can share them with you here. 

Check out the map above to see all the regions and cities I visited in China. If you click on an individual cities, you’ll be taken to my written travel guide for that city. You can also find those guides linked below along with my entire 2019 China travel episode series. I hope they help you plan your next Chinese adventure!


Here are all of my written travel guides about China. They include two Shanghai travel guides, as well as and individual guides for the other cities I’ve visited around the country.

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Here is my written Shanghai food guide. In it, I walk you through all of my personal favorite dishes I tried while exploring the city and where you can find them!

25 Chinese Dishes You Must Eat in Shanghai, China


Below, you’ll find every episode of my China vlog series from 2019. Unfortunately, I did not film my 2015 trip, but I hope you enjoy my most recent Chinese adventure, organized by location. Kick back, relax, and let take a journey through the Middle Kingdom! 


Episode 1: American Airlines 787 Dreamliner Economy Class Review | Miami to Shanghai via Dallas

Episode 2: Shanghai Maglev Train Review – The Fastest Train in the World at 431km/h (268mph) | Shanghai, China

Episode 3: Crazy Spicy Chinese Hot Pot at Hai Di Lao on Nanjing Road | Shanghai, China

Episode 4: Chinese Street Food Breakfast Tour of Huanghe Road – Buns, Dumplings & Jiangbing | Shanghai, China

Episode 5: Phenomenal Chinese Food at Shanghai Tower, the World’s Second Tallest Building | Shanghai, China

Episode 6: Multi-Regional Chinese Food Tour at Night – Cantonese, Shanxi, Sichuan & Ningbo | Shanghai, China

Episode 7: Ultimate Shanghai Street Food Breakfast Tour in French Concession | Shanghai, China

Episode 8: Wild Shanghai Street Food in City God Temple + Yu Gardens Tour | Shanghai, China

Episode 9: The Ultimate Chinese Food & Craft Beer Tour in French Concession | Shanghai, China

Episode 10: Amazing Taiwanese Breakfast at Taoyuan Village + Tian Zi Fang Market | Shanghai, China

Episode 11: Chinese Bullet Train First Class Review to Suzhou – The Venice of the East! | Shanghai to Suzhou


Episode 12: Authentic Chinese Street Food Tour in Pingjiang Road + Canal Boat Ride | Suzhou, China

Episode 13: Traditional Suzhou Food on Guan Qian Shopping Street – Crab Tofu, Eel & Pork Ribs | Suzhou, China

Episode 14: Local Chinese Food Breakfast – Xiaolongbao & Wonton Soup + Master of the Nets Garden | Suzhou, China

Episode 15: The Master of Soup Noodles – Chinese Shrimp & Crab Noodles + North Temple Pagoda | Suzhou, China

Episode 16: Sweet & Sour Chinese Street Food on Shantang Street + Silk Factory Tour | Suzhou, China


Episode 17: Incredible Chinese Food in Ancient Water Town + Gondola Ride & Gardens | Tongli, China

SUZHOU (Redux)

Episode 18: Chinese Bullet Train Business Class Review to Shanghai + Chinese Food Lunch | Suzhou to Shanghai


Episode 19: Fresh Chinese Hot Pot Feast at the Holy Cow – 10 Cuts and Sauces | Shanghai, China

Episode 20: Michelin Star Chinese Breakfast at The PuLi Hotel & Spa + King Suite Tour | Shanghai, China

Episode 21: Shanghai Design Tour + Yunnan Food with Groupe Renault | Shanghai, China

Episode 22: Chinese Bullet Train Business Class Review + Chinese Spicy Noodles | Shanghai to Hangzhou


Episode 23: Endless Chinese Street Food Tour – Beef Rolls, Five Layered Pork, Slippery Wontons | Hangzhou, China

Episode 24: Unique Chinese Seafood at Grandma’s Home on West Lake – Fish, Shrimp & Bullfrog! | Hangzhou, China

Episode 25: Chinese Street Food Breakfast Near West Lake – Pancake, Xiaolongbao, Tofu | Hangzhou, China

Episode 26: Authentic Chinese Food in the Tea Capital of China + Lingyin Temple | Hangzhou, China

Episode 27: Chinese Street Food Tour of Hefang Street + Wushan Night Market | Hangzhou, China

Episode 28: Chinese Street Food Breakfast Tour in Hangzhou + Bullet Train to Shanghai | Hangzhou, China

SHANGHAI (Third Visit)

Episode 29: Eating Chinese Food at Shanghai Pudong International Airport | Shanghai to Miami via Dallas with AA

And those are all of my travel guides and travel episodes from China! I hope they entertained and informed you, and most importantly, that they helped you plan your trip through China. If you have any questions about traveling to China, including questions regarding VPNs and more, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! Send me an email at david[at]davidsbeenhere.com or shoot me a DM on Instagram and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


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