Welcome to the Japan hub at David’s Been Here! In January of 2019, I was finally able to cross this country off my list of must-see destinations after years of wanting to travel there. This Asian island nation truly blew my mind from the moment I landed at Narita Airport outside of Tokyo. Immediately, the country’s highly organized nature and the politeness of its people stood out to me. Another thing that made Japan a pleasure to travel around was its blend of traditional and modern, which you can see in its architecture and dive deep into when it comes to its culture. 

And while I’ve been eating Japanese food ever since I was about five years old, I found myself amazed by the wonders of authentic Japanese cuisine. Japanese cuisine is so much more than just sushi and ramen, and I let my taste buds guide me through Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, as well as the Yamanashi, Shizuoka, and Kanagawa prefectures just outside of Tokyo. From onigiri to okonomiyaki to takoyaki to oden, I fell even further in love with the freshness, healthiness, and flavor explosions of Japanese cooking. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Check out the interactive map at the top of the page and zoom in to explore even further. You can also click on each city to check out my main written travel guide for that city/location. Links to all of my Japan travel and food guides are listed below, as well as links to every episode in my extensive Japan travel vlog series. I hope you find these resources entertaining and informative, and that they help you plan your trip to Japan!


Below, you’ll find all of my Japan travel guides, organized by city. You’ll also find guides about Japan’s trains, including the Narita Express and the Shinkansen Bullet Trains.


How to Take the Narita Express into Tokyo, Japan

10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

15 Places to Eat Japanese Food in Tokyo, Japan

Top 3 Places to Eat Japanese Street Food in Tokyo, Japan


How to Ride the Bullet Train in Japan


Top 10 Things to See and Do in Kyoto, Japan

5 Places You Must Eat at in Kyoto, Japan


Top Places to See and Eat at in Osaka, Japan


Top 15 Things to Do Near Tokyo, Japan


During my nearly two weeks in Japan, I filmed over 40 episodes that dive deep into the country’s attractions, food, and culture. Here, you’ll find videos on everything from Japan’s street food markets to its Buddhist temples to its incredible high-speed trains. From the modern concrete jungle of Tokyo to the peaceful villages that lie at the foot of Mount Fuji, I wanted this series to give you a good look at what you can expect when you visit Japan. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed making them!


Episode 1: Flying to Japan for the First Time on a 787 Dreamliner | Miami to Tokyo

Episode 2: Stellar Onigiri and Japanese Hand Roll on the Narita Express | Tokyo, Japan

Episode 3: The Ultimate Japanese Food Breakfast – 25+ Dishes at Hyatt Regency | Tokyo, Japan

Episode 4: Diverse Tokyo Ramen Tour with Incredible Ramen Expert | Tokyo, Japan

Episode 5: Epic Ramen and Yakitori Food Tour – Duck Ramen + Pork Belly Skewers | Tokyo, Japan

Episode 6: Japanese Convenience Store Breakfast Food Tour – 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, and Lawson | Tokyo, Japan

Episode 7: Japanese Street Food Tour of Asakusa – Unique Japanese Sweets | Tokyo, Japan

Episode 8: Tiny Japanese Apartment Tour Near Ueno Station | Tokyo, Japan

Episode 9: Insane Japanese Street Food Tour of Ameyoko Market | Tokyo, Japan

Episode 10: Huge Beef Bowl Breakfast at Yoshinoya – Japanese Fast Food + Tokyo Skytree Tour | Tokyo, Japan

Episode 11: Kawaii Japanese Food Tour of Harajuku – Okonomiyaki + Cotton Candy | Tokyo, Japan

Episode 12: Authentic Japanese Street Food Tour of Sunamachi Ginza – Tempura, Oden, Yakitori, Sake | Tokyo, Japan

Episode 13: The Ultimate Japanese Food & Drink Tour of Shibuya – Izakaya Bar Hopping | Tokyo, Japan


Episode 14: Japan’s Amazing Bullet Train! Shinkansen Green Car Review + Bomb Bento Box | Tokyo to Kyoto


Episode 15: Traditional Japanese Street Food Tour at Fushimi Inari Shrine | Kyoto, Japan

Episode 16: Japanese Street Seafood Tour of Nishiki Market + Bamboo Forest | Kyoto, Japan

Episode 17: Incredible Conveyor Belt Sushi Experience at Kurazushi | Kyoto, Japan

Episode 18: Sleek Japanese Studio Apartment Tour + Kyoto Station Area Guide | Kyoto, Japan

Episode 19: Massive Beef Bowl Breakfast at Sukiya – Japanese Fast Food + Kyoto Tower | Kyoto, Japan

Episode 20: Japanese Tofu Hotpot Feast + Kiyomizu-Dera Temple Tour | Kyoto, Japan

Episode 21: Cheapest Way to Travel from Kyoto to Osaka by Train | Japanese Travel Vlog


Episode 22: Succulent Japanese Street Food Tour of Dotonbori – Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Yakitori | Osaka, Japan

Episode 23: 1500 ¥ Japanese Convenience Store Breakfast Food Challenge | Osaka, Japan

Episode 24: Glorious Japanese Street Food Tour of Kuromon Market | Osaka, Japan

Episode 25: Lux Japanese Studio Apartment Tour with Incredible Views in Namba Area | Osaka, Japan

Episode 26: Imperial Japanese Street Food Tour at Osaka Castle | Osaka, Japan

Episode 27: Sizzling Japanese Yakitori at Torikizoku – 5 Different Yakitoris + Shochu | Osaka, Japan


Episode 28: Amazing Bento Box on the Bullet Train + Shinkansen Green Car Review | Osaka to Tokyo


Episode 29: High-Speed Sushi with Multilingual Tablet at Uobei in Shibuya | Tokyo, Japan

Episode 30: Unique 10-Course Japanese Dinner at Gonpachi the Kill Bill Restaurant | Tokyo, Japan

Episode 31: Japanese Train Food Review – Fish Bento Box + Meiji Jingu Shrine | Tokyo to Yamanashi Prefecture


Episode 32: Japanese Maglev Experience – The Fastest Train in the World at 500km+ per hour! | Yamanashi, Japan

Episode 33: Exquisite Japanese Food + 10pm Ramen at Mount Fuji Spa Hotel | Yamanashi, Japan

Episode 34: Samurai Wheat Noodle Hot Pot + Sake Brewery Tour near Mount Fuji | Yamanashi, Japan


Episode 35: Luxurious Japanese Food + Wasabi Ice Cream and Ryokan Tour | Shuzenji, Japan

Episode 36: Traditional Japanese Breakfast at Arai Ryokan + Japanese Onsen Town Tour | Shuzenji, Japan

Episode 37: Winter Cherry Blossoms in Japan + French Food & Craft Beer | Atami, Japan


Episode 38: Japanese BBQ + Black Sulfur Egg Tasting at Owakundani Valley | Hakone, Japan

Episode 39: Traditional Japanese Breakfast + 10pm Ramen at Onsen Hotel | Hakone, Japan

Episode 40: Japanese Hot Pot Feast + Odawara Castle Tour | Odawara, Japan


Episode 41: Anxiety Provoking Travel Day from Tokyo to Miami | Coming to America!


Episode 42: 15 Things to Do Near Tokyo, Japan – Visiting Yamanashi, Shizuoka & Kanagawa Prefectures


Episode 43: How Expensive is Japan? Traveling in Japan Tips for Independent Travelers

And that’s it! Those are all of my Japan travel guides and episodes. I hope they’ve answered any questions you may have had about exploring Japan. I truly believe you will love this country. It’s so beautiful and is such a unique mix of old and new, so there are always exciting things to explore. If you have any further questions about traveling through Japan, email me at david[at]davidsbeenhere.com shoot me a DM on Instagram! I try to get back to everyone who messages me as soon as I can!

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