Welcome to the Kuwait hub at David’s Been Here! Immediately after my incredible, 10-day trip through Armenia, I had a 48-hour layover in Kuwait City in early October of 2019. I used the time to explore as much of this beautiful Persian Gulf nation as I could. The rest of the world still mostly knows Kuwait from the horrific images of the Gulf War in the 1990s, but the country has rebounded in a big way since then. It’s now a gorgeous, peaceful, and tourist-friendly nation that has a lot to offer curious travelers.

I personally recommend spending a couple of days exploring Kuwait City and the surrounding area. Then, if you’re up for a different type of adventure, go on a desert safari. Unfortunately, I was crunched for time, so I wasn’t able to explore the desert, but it’s at the top of my list for the next time I visit.┬áDuring my time in Kuwait, I teamed up with my friend Yousef from Local Tour Kuwait. He’s super friendly and knowledgeable and taught me a lot about Kuwaiti food, culture, and history!

Check out the map above to see all of the places in Kuwait I visited. If you click on any of the cities, you’ll be taken to my Kuwait City travel guide. The guide is also linked below, along with all of my Kuwait travel episodes. I hope they entertain and inform you and that you enjoy reading and watching them as much as I enjoyed creating them!


18 Things to See, Do, and Eat in Kuwait City, Kuwait



Episode 1: Arabic-Indian Food Breakfast in Kuwait City + Attractions | Kuwait City, Kuwait

Episode 2: Traditional Kuwaiti Food – Jareesh, Kabout, Tashreeb & Arabic Coffee | Aswaq al Qurain, Kuwait

Episode 3: Incredible Kuwaiti Kebabs & Tea at Traditional Cafe Shemaimry | Kuwait City, Kuwait

Episode 4: Kuwaiti Thali Breakfast + Visiting Little India – Jleeb Al Shuyoukh | Kuwait City, Kuwait

Episode 5: Kuwaiti Arabian Laham Mandi – Goat Biryani & Grand Mosque Tour | Kuwait City, Kuwait

Episode 6: Kuwaiti Fish Market – You Choose, They Cook at Souk Al Mubarakiya | Kuwait City, Kuwait

Episode 7: Flying Qatar Airways to Miami – Economy Class Review | Kuwait to Miami

And there you have it! Those are all of my travel guides and episodes about Kuwait. I hope they help you plan your trip to Kuwait! If you have any questions about planning your trip to Kuwait or things to do, be sure to shoot me a DM on Instagram. I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can!

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