Welcome to the Uzbekistan hub at David’s Been Here! Back in August of 2019, I traveled to Uzbekistan for the first time. This country in central Asia is a gem hidden in plain sight. It lies along the famed Silk Road, and famed historical figures like Marco Polo and Alexander the Great passed through at different points in its history. so the country’s culture and cuisine have been shaped by the explorers and merchants who passed through on their way to and from locations like China, India, and even Italy. Uzbekistan far off the beaten path, so while it’s a place most people have at least heard of, it’s also one that few people know much about.

I was honored to be one of roughly 100 travel personalities selected by the World Influencers Congress to participate in a massive group trip to the country. There, we got to know one another and became a family as we traveled and partied together, all while visiting some of the country’s most important and influential ancient cities. The amazing people I met on that trip will be my brothers and sisters for life!

I had the opportunity to explore the wide, Soviet-inspired streets and plazas of Tashkent and the gleaming turquoise Kalta Minor minaret of Khiva. I met friendly artisans in the handicraft workshops of Bukhara, and tour the vibrant Shah-i-Zinda mausoleum complex in Samarkand. There, I dove headfirst into the meat-rich world of Uzbek cuisine and explored some of the most beautiful ancient sites I’ve ever seen while traveling. I even got to take a selfie with the president of Uzbekistan!

After the World Influencers Congress ended, I wasn’t content to just head home. Instead, I headed south, even further off the beaten path, to check out even lesser-known historical cities like Shahrisabz, Termez, and Jarkurgan. What I found in Uzbekistan’s deep south blew my mind. Ancient monasteries, massive religious complexes, and heartwarming cultural experiences I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. I can’t forget the lamb in Jarkurgan. It will change your life.

Check out the map above to see all the regions and cities I visited in Uzbekistan. If you click on the cities, you’ll be taken to my written travel guide for that city. You can also find those guides linked below along with my entire Uzbekistan travel episode series. I hope they help you plan your trip to Uzbekistan!


Here are all of my written travel guides about Uzbekistan. You’ll find one for each city I visited, as well as an Uzbekistan Airways economy class review, an Uzbek food guide, and an Uzbekistan travel guide.

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Below, you’ll find every episode of my Uzbekistan vlog series in order and organized by location. Kick back, relax, and let me take you on a journey through Uzbekistan! 


Episode 1: Uzbekistan Airways Economy Class Review | New York City to Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Episode 2: The Ultimate Uzbekistan Street Food – Tandoori Somsa (Samosa) + Attractions | Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Episode 3: Uzbekistan Street Food Tour of Chorsu Bazaar – Hasib, Honim & Norin | Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Episode 4: King of Uzbekistan Street Food – 1.5 Tons of Rice Plov + Bazaar Tour | Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Episode 5: Incredible Uzbekistan Fried Chicken Tabaka at Ugolok + Broadway Street Tour | Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Episode 6: First Impressions of Khiva – Ancient UNESCO Silk Road City | Uzbekistan

Episode 7: Traditional Uzbekistan Noodles & Dumplings + Exploring Ancient Khiva | Uzbekistan

Episode 8: Massive Khiva Style Uzbek Plov + Traditional Music & Dance | Khiva, Uzbekistan


Episode 9: First Impressions of Bukhara – Ancient UNESCO Silk Road City | Uzbekistan

Episode 10: Traditional Uzbek Food + Tour of the Holiest City in Uzbekistan | Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Episode 11: Partying in Uzbekistan! Uzbek Food, Dancers & Hookah | Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Episode 12: Incredible Uzbekistan Food + Handicraft Workshops Tour | Bukhara, Uzbekistan


Episode 13: Meeting the President of Uzbekistan at the Sharq Taronalari Music Festival | Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Episode 14: Authentic Uzbekistan Food + Ancient Sites Tour | Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Episode 15: Amazing Uzbekistan Kebabs + Farmers Market Tour | Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Episode 16: Uzbekistan’s Ultimate Street Food – Rice Plov + Paper & Silk Workshop Tour | Samarkand, Uzbekistan


Episode 17: Uzbekistan Roadside Food Market + Traveling from Samarkand to Shahrisabz | Uzbekistan

Episode 18: Uzbek Meat Heaven Inside a Caravanserai + UNESCO Sites Tour | Shahrisabz, Uzbekistan


Episode 19: Unreal Uzbekistan Street Food of Your Dreams + Traveling from Shahrisabz to Termez | Uzbekistan

Episode 20: Uzbekistan Food Heaven Near Afghan Border + Historical Sites Tour | Termez, Uzbekistan

Episode 21: Exotic Uzbekistan Food – Horse Salad & Vodka + Silk Factory Tour | Termez, Uzbekistan


Episode 22: Crispy Tandoori Lamb from Mud Sealed Oven! | Jarkurgan, Uzbekistan

TERMEZ (Return)

Episode 23: Uzbekistan Street Food – Somsas Tour in Uzbekistan’s Hottest City | Termez, Uzbekistan

Episode 24: Soviet-Style Breakfast + Uzbek Wedding Crashing! | Termez, Uzbekistan


Episode 25: Americans Celebrate Uzbekistan’s Independence Day on Broadway Street | Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Episode 26: Uzbekistan Airways Economy Class Review | Tashkent to NYC to Miami

And those are all of my travel guides and travel episodes from Uzbekistan! I hope you found them entertaining and informative, and that they help you plan your trip to Uzbekistan. If you have any questions about traveling to Uzbekistan, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! Send me an email at david[at]davidsbeenhere.com or shoot me a DM on Instagram and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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