Welcome to the Ukraine hub at David’s Been Here! Here, you will find all of my travel guides and travel episodes from my time in Ukraine. As someone with Hungarian heritage, I’ve been wanting to dive further into Eastern Europe for some time, so I was thrilled to return to this part of the world. During my trip, I visited an area of the country close to the Hungarian border, not far from where an uncle of mine is from. Exploring that region made me feel an even deeper connection to my roots. The food from Eastern Europe has long been a staple in my family, so even though I was thousands of miles away from them, traveling this country felt almost like I was home. Between that and randomly reconnecting with an old travel buddy of mine in Lviv, it’s safe to say my trip to Ukraine is one I will never forget!

My trip through Ukraine in May of 2021 would not have been possible without my good friends at Tours by Locals, an incredible company that works with over 4,600 knowledgeable and personable tour guides in over 190 countries around the world. My three guides did a fantastic job of helping me tailor a unique and mind-blowing itinerary across the country.


My Ukrainian adventure began in the capital and most-populous city, Kyiv, which is also the seventh most-populous city in Europe. My whirlwind time there took me from traditional markets to Cossack villages to street food vendors! From there, I flew to Lviv, where I dove deep into Ukraine’s outstanding food and beer culture, reconnected with my good friend Mike Corey of Fearless & Far, and met Eva Zu Beck for the first time. Then, I traveled south to the gorgeous Transcarpathia region, where I tried a wide range of Eastern European cuisines, visited a winery, and even explored some medieval castles! Finally, I ended my trip on the beautiful Black Sea in the city of Odessa


My time in Ukraine was nothing short of magical. The people I met there were extremely friendly and personable and made me feel like family right away. Whether they were hand-feeding me some of the tastiest meat around or giving me one of the best chiropractic treatments I’ve ever had, I couldn’t get enough of their warmth and hospitality. It’s a truly special place that warmed my heart. I can’t wait to go back!


Below, please find all of my Ukraine articles and videos listed in order. I hope they inspire you to check out this stunning and underrated country. I’ve long believed that travel is the only thing we can buy that makes us richer, and after you visit Ukraine, you’ll understand exactly what I mean. Let’s jump further into the country with a look at all of my written Ukraine guides and travel episodes!



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Below, you will find links to every episode from my Ukraine travel series. They’re listed in the order I visited them in and are organized by destination.



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And those are all of my travel guides and episodes for Ukraine! I hope you find them both informative and entertaining, and that they help you plan your trip to this eastern European gem. If you have any questions about traveling to Ukraine or any other travel destination I’ve visited, I’m an open book! Send me a message at david[at]davidsbeenhere.com or shoot me a DM on Instagram and I’ll get back to you ASAP!


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