Welcome to the Ghana hub at David’s Been Here! Here, you will find all of my travel guides and travel episodes from my time in Ghana. Ghana was once rich in gold, earning it the nickname “The Land of Gold.” It’s the 81st country I’ve visited in my lifetime, and the time I spent there is an experience I will never forget. To explore the country in-depth, I partnered with Jolinaiko Eco Tours, who took me on a beautiful and eventful road trip over the course of 10 unbelievable days.

I started in the capital city, Accra, to explore the culture, street food, and markets of Ghana’s largest city. From here, I headed west along the coast to Cape Coast and Elmina, two cities that played a crucial role in the North Atlantic Slave Trade. Some of the most sobering and heartbreaking experiences I’ve ever had while traveling happened in these two cities as I explored their dark and horrific histories. From Elmina, I made my way inland to Kumasi, a city known for its expert craftsmen and unique cultural markets. My next destination was Mole National Park, one of the best places in West Africa to get an up-close look at Africa’s amazing wildlife. Then, I made my way to the town of Tamale before wrapping up my trip where I started, Accra.

Ghana is a truly beautiful country. It’s absolutely gorgeous and is a must for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in West African culture. It can also be a difficult country to navigate. In Accra, I found that many of the locals were wary of me, a white foreigner, filming them and their businesses due to the negative way Africa is often portrayed in Western media. But once I got out of the city, I found the locals to be a bit more open to me and my camera.

As is always the case, a big part of my exploration is diving deep into the local food, which is very flavorful but quite different from what I’m used to. I briefly fell ill from something I ate about midway through my trip, but I refused to let it hamper my experiences going forward. By the end of my trip, I had tried (and fallen in love with) a wide variety of mouthwatering Ghanaian dishes, from kenkey to banku to red red to millet porridge. I even tried some local delicacies like grasscutter and giant African snail! When in Rome, right?

Below, please find all of my Ghana articles and videos listed in order. I hope they inspire you to visit this wonderful West African nation. Even though my time there was filled with awesome highs and some challenging lows, I loved every minute of it. It was a phenomenal, eye-opening, and life-changing experience. In other words, the experience I had there is why I travel in the first place. To learn, to have my heart and mind opened a bit more, and to meet amazing people. That’s exactly what happened to me in Ghana, and it’s why it should be one of the next countries on your travel itinerary.


Below are all of my written Ghana travel guides, listed in the order in which I visited each city/area.

Top Things You Must Do in Accra, Ghana

Top 10 Things to Do in Elmina & Cape Coast, Ghana


Below, you will find links to every episode from my Ghana travel series. They’re listed in the order I visited them in and are organized by destination.


Episode 1: Trying Ghanaian Street Food for the First Time!! Traveling to Ghana | Miami to Accra

Episode 2: Traditional Ghana Street Food!! Kenkey & Fish + Jamestown Attractions | Accra, Ghana

Episode 3: Visiting a Chop Bar in Ghana!! West Africa Street Food + Attractions | Accra, Ghana

Episode 4: Exotic Ghana Street Food Tour at Night!! Exploring Osu Night Market | Accra, Ghana

Episode 5: The Biggest Market in Accra!! Ghana Street Food + Makola Market Tour | Accra, Ghana

Episode 6: Authentic West African Food!! Eating Waakye + Bead Factory Tour | Accra, Ghana


Episode 7: Extreme Street Food in Ghana!! Giant Roasted Rodent + Drive to Cape Coast | Ghana

Episode 8: Incredible African Street Food!! Eating Fufu + UNESCO Slave Castle Tour | Cape Coast, Ghana


Episode 9: West African Seafood!! Ghana Prawn Curry & Crab Stew | Elmina, Ghana

Episode 10: The Most Famous Fish Market in Ghana!! Eating Waakye + Elmina Castle Tour | Elmina, Ghana


Episode 11: Exotic African Street Food!! Eating Bush Meat + Kakum National Park | Ghana


Episode 12: Harvesting Palm Oil in West Africa!! Eating Roasted Worms & Drinking Palm Gin | Ghana

Episode 13: Ghana Street Food at Lake Bosomtwe!! Tilapia & Fanti Kenkey + Cocoa Farm | Ghana

Episode 14: West Africa’s Biggest Market!! Ghana Street Food at Kejetia Market | Kumasi, Ghana

Episode 15: Extreme Ghana Chop Bar Food!! Giant African Snail & Goat Meat | Kumasi, Ghana

Episode 16: Authentic Ghana Street Food Breakfast!! West African Craft Village Tour | Kumasi, Ghana

Episode 17: Traditional West African Street Food!! Eating Kokonte + Weaving Village Tours | Kumasi, Ghana


Episode 18: 7-Hour Ghana Street Food Road Trip!! Driving to Mole National Park | Ghana

Episode 19: My First West African Game Drive!! Spicy Ghanaian Pork Chop Dinner | Mole National Park, Ghana

Episode 20: 24 Hours in Luxury African Safari Camp!! Ghanaian Food & Attractions | Mole National Park, Ghana


Episode 21: Exploring a West African Village in Ghana!! Ghanaian Street Food + Road Trip | Tamale, Ghana

Episode 22: Northern Ghana Street Food!! Tannery & Market Tour of Tamale, Ghana

ACCRA (Return)

Episode 23: Spicy West African Food Tour!! Tatale, Egusi & Abolo | Accra, Ghana

Episode 24: Southern Ghana Street Food!! Kebabs & Palm Wine | Aburi, Ghana

Episode 25: Northern Ghana Food in Accra!! Tuo Zaafi, Wagashi & Kuli Kuli | Accra, Ghana


Episode 26: Eating English Breakfast at Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food Restaurant in Heathrow!! London, UK

And those are all of my travel guides and episodes for Ghana! I hope they were entertaining and informative and helped you plan your trip to this beautiful West African nation. If you have any questions about traveling to Ghana or any other place I’ve explored, I’m an open book! Send me a message at david[at]davidsbeenhere.com or shoot me a DM on Instagram and I’ll get back to you ASAP!


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