How To Vlog With Your I-Phone

I have always been obsessed with recording my travels through video, often referred to as “vlogging.” I create short informative videos for my audience on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. They are typically 30 seconds to 1 minute in length and detail where I am, and some of the history of the place. I have a great deal of professional photo/video equipment, but there is just something so inherently convenient of using my I-phone, that I’m surprised it hasn’t become common practice among other travel vloggers. I wanted to share with you how to vlog with your I-Phone.

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By just taking out your cell phone, switching the camera option to point towards you, you can let the world know who you are and what you want to say with a great quality, no-hassle video. People often think that bigger is better, but I find it easier to use my I-phone for certain things. For instance, when I’m trying new foods in markets, standing on top of ruins, or at a windy beach.

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If you want to see some of the videos I have created using my I-phone, visit the Davidsbeenhere Facebook fan page. I have over 100 of these short episodes, which show travel-lovers new places and encourage them to seek out new experiences. It’s shocking to me that more travel vloggers haven’t tapped into the convenience of using an I-phone to film short clips during their travels.

Having a working blog is also very important for any travel person to have. Making videos doesn’t improve one’s SEO (search engine optimization.) Blogs are key-worded so that the content creates links to certain websites and products, which is a must-have for any internet-based business to be successful these days. My blog may be relatively new, but now my videos are reguarly incorporated into it.

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If you’re nervous about being on camera, just do it! If you practice enough there’s no reason why you wouldn’t become as good as any television travel personality like Andrew Zimmern or Samantha Brown. Start in your own backyard, play back your videos and ask friends for suggestions of improvement. Don’t be shy and share your experiences with the world with an easy-to-use device. You can even develop your own catch phrase at the end of each video like I do.

My goal is to encourage others to take advantage of widely available technology- an I-phone. It is a convenient and cost-effective way to get started making travel videos in areas that interest you- history, architecture, food, drinks, etc. It also provides good practice for those who eventually would like to purchase a more expensive piece of equipment. So don’t wait for the $2,000 digital recording camera, whip out your cell and make it happen. The world will be better for it and you could have a career you never thought possible.

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Did you find my tips on how to vlog with your I-Phone helpful? Leave us a comment below!

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