Is It A Good Idea To Drive Yourself While Traveling?

While traveling for Davidsbeenhere I like to rent my own vehicle if a driver is not provided for me. I constantly get snide remarks thrown my way and I know what everyone is thinking: “Is he rich?” And the answer is no! When I began to travel extensively for business I took my fair share of buses, trains, and subways. It was backbreaking work with my cinematographer, who between us, we carried a large (and quite heavy) camera and tripod. After a few months and 5 countries later, we had had enough. This is why I always tell everyone: It is a good idea to drive yourself while traveling!

Now I rent a car everywhere I go. Moving around has since become more fluid, entertaining, and way more convenient. Renting a car or hiring a driver allows you to tailor a trip to you and your “must-do” list. Budget travel, for the most part, doesn’t allow for these types of costs, but if you want to use your spending money wisely, getting your own set of wheels is surely the best investment. I think about all the lost picture opportunities, undiscovered small towns, and miles of road I couldn’t see while crammed in rattling trains around the world.

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At the moment we are driving through Galicia and Asturias, Spain. I rented a car for 18 days from Sixty Rent a Car. How much do you think that cost me? The grand total (with no fuel) came out to $182.82 with insurance. So you see, sometimes it’s worth your while (and dime) to jump in the saddle and steer your roads.

These are a short list of places I have driven through and have had a driver:

I Drove:

Spain: 10 regions

Italy: 5 regions





Costa Rica


Czech Republic

Boston, Mass








Dominican Republic

El Salvador

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Sri Lanka



I once stayed with my sister in Florence for 5 weeks while she was completing a semester abroad program. I hopped a train on weekends to explore Italy like I had always dreamed of doing. Unfortunately it wasn’t so dreamy. It would often take me one full day to reach small towns. By the time I visited the central square, it was time for me to head back to the train station and head back to Florence. There was an inherent autonomy missing from my long train rides around Italy.

Now I make sure that I or someone else can take me by car. It is the only way I recommend fully experiencing a country’s beauty. Most people who enjoy taking road trips will tell you that the independence you feel on the open road cannot compare to other forms of ground transportation. Now someone just has to figure out how to build a highway across the Atlantic…

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Do you drive yourself while traveling? Let us know in a comment below!

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