Travel Pillow for the Experts

Some people shy away from shameless self-promotion, but something this good can’t be kept a secret. The new Davidsbeenhere com Travel Pillow is an essential must-have for any leisure or business traveler because it’s different than the rest. Period.

Key Features:

  • Soft, cotton cover
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Carrying pouch

You shouldn’t take my word for it, though. Dozens of my fellow travel bloggers have tried the pillow out for themselves and agree that is offers a unique neck support that regular pillows lack. We log hundreds of in-flight hours each year so we understand the need for no-fuss comfort on the go.

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Here’s a short video I made to show how it works:

While bulky pillows seem they would offer relief from uncomfortable airplane seating, they usually fall short. And a long-haul flight is not the time to be wishing you had another travel pillow on hand. The DBH Travel Pillow allows your neck to stay in place with a simple, but effective design. Other pillows force your head to tilt forward or to swing side-to-side because they are made too large for the average person.

Other reviews by professional travel bloggers:

As We Travel

Pause the Moment

So now you have the skinny on how it works and why it’s a product that travelers like us desperately needed. You don’t have to be the spectacle of the plane anymore with your drooping head or pool of drool collecting on your shoulder. The DBH Travel Pillow allows you to choose your desired firmness and deflates into a conveniently small size. It can be used over and over again. When will you finally make the change?

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To get yours today or to check out some of our other travel essentials visit our Store.

Customer Testimonials:

I was looking for a comfortable, no-fuss pillow for planes, trains, etc (anywhere where I can sleep) and I got exactly what I wanted with this pillow. The cover is soft cotton and the pillow has a flat back portion so my head doesn’t move from side to side like with other ones. I can inflate and deflate it easily to take with me every time I travel. Great pillow for anyone planning to travel comfortably. (Miami, Florida)

I love my new DBH travel pillow!
It’s very comfortable; you can inflate or deflate and put it back in its pouch when you are done using it. I found it interesting that the back part is not fully inflatable so it wont push your head forward. I have tried it in flights and also use it all the time while I am sitting on my bed using my laptop. It gives my head and neck a rest so they are not in a weird position. I recommend it! (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Was high quality, easy to deflate/inflate, and very durable. It was also very easy/confortable to my neck, which is always full of problems. Worth the price! (Mississippi)

If you’re interested in receiving a DBH Travel Pillow for free in exchange for a short product review, please message us through and if your interested in buying a pillow please click this link Davidsbeenhere Travel Pillow.

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Safe travels,

David Hoffmann

CEO & Founder




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