Top 4 Costa Rica Natural Wonders

The natural wonders of Costa Rica are many. Here are our top 4:

La Fortuna, situated in northern province of Alajuela in Costa Rica, is a tropical paradise that is better known to most simply as Arenal. The name is derived from the nearby Arenal Volcano, which is considered one of the 20 most active volcanoes in the world and last erupted in 1968 for three days.

Out of the ashes rose La Fortuna and the volcano remains a popular tourist attraction to this day. Because La Fortuna resides on the windward side of the Arenal Volcano, the resulting rains have created a sprawling rainforest that is also home to dazzling Arenal Waterfall.

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Arenal Volcano

When in La Fortuna, it is impossible to the miss the 5,437-foot tall cone-like Arenal Volcano, which dominates the local skyline. But viewing the volcano up close is a completely different experience. There are multiple hiking trails that wind their way around the volcano and the bordering rainforest.

Hanging Bridges

The hanging bridges of Arenal lie nestled deep within the surrounding forests. There are six hanging bridges that crisscross the forest’s canopy, while numerous others zigzag across the landscape below.

Together, these bridges can take you on a magical journey deep into the unexplored, heart of the rainforest where nature is within arm’s reach. They were designed by engineers to have minimal effects on the surrounding rainforest. They are safe and reliable structures that are open throughout the year.

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La Fortuna Waterfall

This staggering 70-meter high waterfall is only accessible by one route. Be prepared for a long, steep trek through the belly of the forest, but the prize is well worth it. The trail eventually ends at the foot of the falls, where the water cascades into a pond. Relax after your hike and soak in the stunning view.

Eco Termales Hot Springs

Located near the Baldis Hotel, this family owned-and-operated hidden hot spring complex is the final word in relaxation and will make you fell like you are in a secluded sanctuary. The entrance to the springs has remained unmarked by the owner to ensure exclusivity and to be true to his intent — no large crowds. There are five tropical and serene pools in total and you will find only a handful of guests inside Eco Termales even during high season.

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As a whole, La Fortuna is a vibrant, culturally rich town that is deeply in touch with nature and provides a charming, budget-friendly getaway for visitors of all kinds.

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    • Hi David, I did not use a tour company but from their website they look legit!

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