VIDEO: Unforgettable Journeys: Jordan’s Wadi Rum

David’s Been Here continues its journey through Jordan to the amazing Wadi Rum. Known as the Valley of the Moon or Valley of the High Mountains, this area is home to breathtaking landscape as well as the tallest mountains in the country. Sandstone and granite formations situated amidst barren desert make tours through this valley an otherworldly experience. The beauty doesn’t end with the landscapes though. Tucked into the craggy peaks are inscriptions remaining from ancient civilizations that once lived in the area, dating as far back as 500 BC. Take jeep and camel tours through this exotic, ancient valley and climb atop beautiful dunes for panoramic views of this amazing landscape. One of Jordan’s must-sees, make the trip out to this unforgettable site with the DBH Guide: Aqaba, also available for your Kindle.

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