VIDEO: A Walk Through Jordan’s History

David’s Been Here brings you back in time to a Roman Legionnaire and Chariot Racing show taking place in Jerash’s restored hippodrome. From the ancient settings to the costumes and reenactment, these performances truly make you feel like you are living back in Roman times. Leaving Jerash, David and crew head northwest to the town of Ajloun, where the beautiful Ajloun Castle towers over the valley below. Follow David to the top of this strategically located 12th Century Muslim fortress, built to protect the town from Crusader attacks and to connect/control the trade routes between Damascus and Cairo. Tour this historic castle and enjoy the amazing views that it provides of the entire region below. For everything you need to know about Jerash and Ajloun, check out the DBH Guide to Amman, also available for your Kindle. Bring along the DBH Jordan Country Guide to make your trip an unforgettable one.

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