By Land and By Sea: Travel to Aqaba, Jordan

David’s Been Here continues its journey through Jordan into the coastal city of Aqaba. Here David displays the activities, sights and surroundings of this historic city, beginning with a dive into the Red Sea. Crystal clear waters make swimming, snorkeling and diving an amazing experience, with beautiful coral reef lining the sea’s floor. If you’d prefer to stay dry, enjoy a tour and BBQ with amazing mountains, four countries, glistening waters and Aqaba port surrounding you. Aqaba by land also has some interesting, notable sites to see, like the first Islamic city to be founded outside the Arabian Peninsula. The ruins of the Ancient City of Ayla date back to 650 AD, with the remains of the fortification open to the public. Wander along this crossroad between Asia, Africa and the Middle East in what is known today as modern day Aqaba. From the land to the sea this ancient coastal city has plenty to see and do during your travels through Jordan.

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