Day Trips from Amman: Salt and Jerash

David’s Been Here heads north from the Jordanian capital of Amman into two more notable cities. First David visits the beautiful Al-Salt, famous for its yellow sandstone buildings, distinct architecture and high quality produce coming from the region’s fertile soil. Walk through the markets and daily hustle and bustle as David displays the surroundings in this charming Jordanian city. From there David takes off for Jerash, one of the most important and best-preserved Roman cities in the Middle East. Experience this old Roman settlement as you tour the hippodrome, cardo maximus (main road), temples, theatres and main gates, many of which are still in tact today. It’s an amazing site of ruins to be seen and an unforgettable stop when traveling through northern Jordan. For all the information and sites in Salt and Jerash, check out the DBH Guide: Amman, also available for your Kindle. Bring along the DBH Jordan Country Guide to make your trip an unforgettable one.

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