A Tour of Colombo: Sri Lankan Travel

David’s Been Here heads to the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo. Fueling up at the Malar Café, David tries some traditional dosas and vadas in this local vegetarian restaurant. From there the crew begins its tour of Colombo at the Independence Memorial Hall, a monument built in recognition of the independence Sri Lanka gained from British colonialism in 1948. After this important landmark David tours the largest Buddhist temple in the city, home to an intricate shrine and stupa complex filled with light and incense offerings. To get a well-rounded feel for Colombo, David hits the streets to experience the city’s busy side: sharing the wild roads with cars, motorbikes, rickshaws, buses and trucks. From politics and religion to culture and city life, follow David as he continues his journey through this amazing country. For all the information on visiting the capital, check out the DBH Guide: Colombo, also available for your Kindle.

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