Touring Colombo’s Sights Inside and Outside the City

In this episode of Sri Lanka Unplugged, David tours a bit more around the streets and local markets of Colombo before heading south. Take a stroll through what used to be British fortifications in the Colombo Fort Area, as David checks out local sights and tastes in the fruit, vegetable and fish markets. Still remaining from the British, head back into the colonial period as David presents the waterfront Galle Face Hotel, one of the oldest hotels in the entire country. From here Unplugged hits the road south to Galle, passing all the small specialty towns along the way. From the woodworking village of Moratuwa to the famous masks and puppets of Ambalangoda, David captures some of the small town beauty of Sri Lanka that shouldn’t be missed. Follow David as he continues on to Galle, and pick up a copy of the DBH Guide: Colombo before you visit the capital region. Now available for your Kindle as well.

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