Visit Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka: From Hotels to Hoppers

David’s Been Here brings us to the small town of Hikkaduwa where David tries some of the best, fresh local seafood around. Traditionally prepared lobster, oysters, calamari, and fish will leave you stuffed and satisfied at the Refresh Restaurant in this tiny coastal town. After a delicious meal, David returns to the Aditya Hotel to tour the rooms and surroundings of this amazing resort. With luxurious suites, a stunning location and the Indian Ocean out your backdoor, there’s only one more thing you could ask for in this slice of paradise: Hoppers. Watch as David goes behind the scenes at Aditya to learn how to prepare this traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, and take his crash course on eating this breakfast treat with all the mixings included. Visit this beautiful resort and coastal town with the DBH Guide: Galle, also available for your Kindle.

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