Local Sights, Flavors and Wildlife of Yala National Park

In this episode of Sri Lanka Unplugged, DBH visits the pilgrimage town of Kataragama before heading out of the Yala National Park area. Here David films some local sights, including the black-faced grey langurs that call this temple complex home. On site is a giant, ancient Bo tree, which is an important tree for both locals and Buddhists all over the world. It was underneath a tree like this that the Buddha was said to have reached enlightenment, so locals believe if you care for these trees they will bring you good luck and care in return. Heading out of the Yala area, David tours the Hotel Elephant Reach and tries some local buffalo curd and palm honey. Well rested and energized, he embarks on the 8-hour journey west back to Colombo. Learn more about the sites and towns in the Yala area withthe DBH Guide: Yala National Park, also available for your Kindle.

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