Family Style Restaurants in Puerto Plata: Hemingway’s Bar and Grill

David’s Been Here is in the Dominican Republic’s Puerto Plata, trying out all the best restaurants and bars the town has to offer. David ducks out of the hot Dominican sun and gives Hemingway’s Bar and Grill a try. An inviting family style restaurant with a tropical, pub-like setting, Hemingway’s is a great place to go for dinner and drinks, or a quiet sit down meal during lunchtime. Sit by the bar, catch a game on television or enjoy the sunshine with a refreshing drink outside. If you’re by Puerto Plata’s Playa Dorada, give Hemingway’s Bar and Grill a visit, a great place to cool down, relax and enjoy a good meal. For more information on Hemingway’s and all Puerto Plata’s top restaurants, check out the David’s Been Here Guide to the Dominican Republic, now available for your Kindle as well.

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