Eating Guinea Pig: Tasting Cuy on Calle Don Bosco in Cuenca, Ecuador

David’s Been Here is in Ecuador’s city of Cuenca, where David is looking to try the best local flavors in the area. Join David and crew on Calle Don Bosco, where they find different vendors selling a very interesting meat: Cuy. Grilled over open flames, Cuy is Guinea Pig- cooked up and eaten just like regular pork meat. For some this may be a pet, but for others it’s a delicious local treat. Head to Cuenca’s Calle Don Bosco for a taste of Guinea Pig or Cuy- it may be the only chance you have to try it! For more information on this and all the best local eats in the city, check out the David’s Been Here Guide to Cuenca, now available for your Kindle as well.

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