How to Book a Gorilla Trek in Rwanda

David’s Been Here is in Musanze, Rwanda, presenting one of the world’s most unforgettable and exhilarating adventures. Based out of Volcanoes National Park, you can experience the Mountain Gorilla first hand in its natural habitat unlike anywhere else in the world. Trek into the park with experienced, professional guides where you’ll be able to spot, photograph and even interact with these majestic creatures. Learn exactly how to plan, book and even pay for your Gorilla Trek in this short, informative video with David’s Been Here and the Rwanda Development Board. If you’re planning a trip to Rwanda or have been dreaming of an exotic African getaway, a Gorilla Trek is an absolute must! Find this amazing adventure and all the top activities of the country in the David’s Been Here Guide to Rwanda.

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  1. This is amazing David. Thank you for updating people like me

  2. Great Wok David. Keep up with this

  3. Thank you David for this great work. There is no doubt gorilla trekking is the most exciting adventure activity especially to primate lovers

  4. Rwanda gorilla trekking I think by far is the best and most thrilling opportunity one has to visit these endangered apes. Thank you David for this informative mini documentary !

    • No problem! It is the most exciting thing I have ever experienced 😉

  5. Great video David thank you very much! In the short video, you leave us with no more question on how to obtain a gorilla permit to trek with rwanda gorillas.

    Thank you!

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