Chapter 5. Tips for a Successful Travel Blog

Due to the length of ‘Secrets for Traveling for FREE and Building Your Travel Internet Business’, we’ve split it up into chapters. 

Passion for traveling…check! Establish a functional website and social media platforms…check! Now where is the money? Let’s be honest, most of us cannot live off viewership alone, which is why it is important to make contacts and monetize your website so you can keep traveling the world. While this sounds much easier than it actually is, you don’t have to get overwhelmed. There are many ways in which you can do it. Here are a few:

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Secrets for Traveling for FREE and Building Your Travel Internet Business

Create a media/ ad kit: This is crucial to your success! Nobody likes more work to do, but if you want to be taken seriously, you will need one of these to help potential advertisers, sponsors, and partners to understand who you are and what makes your blog a good platform for their product. Most people have a media kit, but leave out important information that advertisers need for instance, ad dimensions and options. This article by Michael Hyatt gives you a breakdown of what the ideal ad kit entails. For tips on creating a thorough, basic media kit, this article by The Blog Maven breaks it down quite nicely. In addition to her suggestions, we recommend including your Klout Score.

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Get in touch with tourism boards: Check out our post on how to work with tourism boards.

Offer a free e-book: Offer a free e-book when someone subscribes to your blog like Planet D does. It gives readers an incentive to sign up and begins a relationship with them. This way, when your newsletter or newest posts get automatically sent to them, they are more likely to open the e-mail and begin to engage with you.

Sell a service or digital download: Create an e-book of your best travel photos, publish your own guidebook, or start helping others plan their trips to destinations you are familiar with. Many travel bloggers, including myself, capitalize on our expertise while helping others travel smarter.

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Other Tips:

  • Don’t litter your blog with sponsored content that has nothing to do with you or your site. While it’s okay to accept sponsored posts, be sure you keep them relevant to your audience and doctor them up if you need to. Finally, always disclose if the content is sponsored.
  • Keep the design of your website clean and user friendly
  • Attend at least one networking event per year – the industry’s two main events are held by Travel Bloggers Unite and The Travel Blog Exchange. If you are an established travel blogger, we strongly suggest attending the annual World Travel Market event in London.
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Happy blogging!

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