Celebrity Travel Addict: YouTube Sensation & Travel Vlogger, Nadine Sykora

World traveler, Nadine Sykora of the widely popular Hey Nadine YouTube channel dishes on her travel likes and dislikes in this week’s celebrity travel addict interview. Nadine’s channel has over 159,000 subscribers and has received over 33 million views! The episodes showcase her adventures around the world and give us plenty to put on our bucket lists. Known for her bubbly personality and adventurous spirit, Nadine inspires us to travel while taking us along with her to some of the planet’s most fascinating destinations.

Celebrity_Travel_Addict_Youtube_Sensation_Travel_Vlogger_Nadine Sykora

Where was the first place you traveled to when you decided to branch out into the travel industry? What about it got you hooked on travel?

The first place I “travelled” to was when I did a working holiday visa to New Zealand in February 2010. I was pretty much hooked after my first tour around the North Island, that’s when I started blogging my travels and I haven’t stopped since. Why did I become hooked? I would have to say meeting new people, I was so fascinated by all the new friends I was making on the road. They were from all over the world, all with different life stories, it was incredible.

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How often do you travel in any given year?

It’s hard to say, busy years I travel almost every month, sometimes all month. Other years it’s every 3 months, usually there is no more than 3 months in-between trips.

What has been your most adventurous travel experience?

Rappelling down waterfalls in the Waitomo Caves in New Zealand.

Celebrity_Travel_Addict_Youtube_Sensation_Travel_Vlogger_Nadine Sykora

How many countries have you visited?

Over 37, not including airports 😛

Name your top three destinations and describe them each in one word.

Switzerland – Natural , Galapagos – Ethereal , Vietnam- Unexpected

Give us your ‘Top 5’ list for one of these destinations – like a mini-guide  (it could be anything! Like a restaurant you recommend, a unique hotel, activity, etc.)


  1. Try a swiss cheese fondu, it will change your life. There are plenty of little cafes and restaurants that serve them.
  2. Do a Via Ferrata. They are ropes courses that consist of steel cables, ladders and bridges that allow you to ascend, descend or traverse mountains and cliffs. The best ways to see the swiss alps!
  3. Catch a water taxi on Lake Geneva, they are cheap and efficient and a great way to get an overview of the city.
  4. Visit a chocolatier in Lucerne. Swiss chocolate, nuff said.
  5. Hike, hike and do more hiking. Seriously, their are so many fantastic trails you never need to bus to train anywhere.
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What destination do you find yourself returning to again and again, and why?

Thailand and Southeast Asia, it is very in demand at the moment and I simply love the weather and the food.

Your favorite hotel in the world?

Sofitel So Bangkok, the nicest I’ve ever stayed at.

Celebrity_Travel_Addict_Youtube_Sensation_Travel_Vlogger_Nadine Sykora

Your favorite restaurant?

Na Burji – located in the Istrian village Nova vas, in the municipality of Piran, Slovenia.  Try the truffle omelette 🙂

Your favorite airline?

Singapore Airways

Your least favorite airline?

United Airways

Country with the friendliest people?

New Zealand

Celebrity_Travel_Addict_Youtube_Sensation_Travel_Vlogger_Nadine Sykora

Country with the least friendliest people?

It’s all relative, I don’t really know.

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Your favorite airport?

Changi- Singapore

Your preferred brand of luggage?


Where is the most exotic place(s) your career has taken you?

Galapagos and the middle of the Amazon

Celebrity_Travel_Addict_Youtube_Sensation_Travel_Vlogger_Nadine Sykora

What is your best piece of travel advice?

Don’t be afraid to say yes, to go out and try. Travel is about being uncomfortable and out of your comfort zone. Your travelling to try and see something new, so do that!

What are five things you could never leave home without?

Laptop, Phone, Camera, Mascara, A smile 🙂

Where to next?

Spain and Italy!


Nadine Sykora is a Travel Video Blogger and Internet Personality. She has been making fun and engaging travel videos and blogs since 2010 and has won several media awards for her videos. She has also spoken on panels and at events about her work and the online video community. Her videos have lead to ambassadorships with major travel partners, and campaign work with various companies and tourism boards. Connect with Nadine on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Jack says:

    Nadine is a pretty cool cat 🙂

    • David says:

      Yes she is!

  2. derekcolman says:

    Having followed Nadine on YouTube for 7 years, from when she was a student vlogging from her dorm room, I can say it has been an amazing journey. She has literally taken me via her videos to every part of the globe, to many places I will never get to see in person. To anyone who loves travel, subscribe to her channel and go through her back catalogue of videos, and I guarantee you will be amazed, and inspired to try new places.

    • davidsbeenhere says:

      thanks Derek! Yes I have also been following Nadine for a few years now. She is very talented and she is traveling non-stop just the way we like it!

  3. Nadine Sykora says:

    Awesome!! Thanks for the feature guys 🙂

    • davidsbeenhere says:

      Thank you Nadine! We are very happy to have had the opportunity to feature you. Cant wait to see your videos from Italy and Spain!

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