A Pre-Holiday Checklist to Prepare for Travel

I travel extensively for work, but I also make time for leisure travel. The days leading up to going away on holiday might be full of stress, but it’s all worth it in the end. When I travel, I love making lists, ticking things off said lists, getting excited about where I’m going, doing some last-minute shopping, and getting some necessary errands done (i.e. haircut, dry cleaners).


Despite all the wonderful things that come along with a great holiday vacation, thinking about what to take and what you can’t forget can be a little tiring. So, to make it all easier, let’s think about the things you need to make sure you have done and ready before you go away.

Make sure you have your documents

If you’re like me, you will be so organized that you will have everything printed off, in order you will need it, and in a folder in your hand luggage bag. Not everyone is quite so meticulous however, so make sure you have your passports and all your flight, transfer and accommodation tickets/vouchers printed off, as well as a copy of your hotel reservation. As is the case with many budget airlines, not having your tickets printed out could result in some hefty charges you weren’t budgeting for. 


Check for updates/information

It’s always worthwhile doing a bit of pre-departure research, and I always check for information on my flight in the days leading up to my holiday. Why? Well, it doesn’t hurt to know what’s what, and this way you don’t get any shocks or surprises if your plane is late or you have a last-minute gate change. Being well informed also keeps stress levels down, and everyone known how stress can ruin travel day.


Are you insured?

Hopefully this will have been sorted, but make sure you have adequate travel insurance if you think you’ll need it, you have a copy of the policy in your hand luggage, and you have the claim phone number in your mobile phone. Also, many countries require proof of certain vaccinations (yellow fever, hepatitis A, typhoid fever, etc) so be sure to check if you’ll be needing a vaccination card. 



How are you taking your money? This is probably one of the most confusing parts of pre-holiday preparation, because exchange rates aren’t particularly fun to study. If I have it on hand, I always take a little money in the currency of the place I’m visiting, to last me for a few days, and then I withdraw money out of the ATM once I am there because the rate is often better through cash machines rather than banks or resorts.


I advise you to avoid travelling with large amounts of money in your bag, so keep it in your bank and use the ATM Machine to draw out what you need once there, to change over. Bear in mind however that you will be charged by your bank so keep your withdrawals to a minimum. Which leads me smoothly onto …

Credit cards

If you are planning on using your cash card or credit card overseas, always tell your bank where you’re going, when, and how long for. This should make it less likely that you have any problems with using your card whilst you’re away, and to avoid your bank thinking someone has stolen your card. Same goes for your mobile phone; make sure they know you’ll be abroad so you don’t incur insanely expensive roaming charges.


Don’t forget your toothbrush!

Packing is never fun, but I always find it helpful to make a list and tick it off as I go. This might sound ridiculously organized, but I have never forgotten anything important yet, so organized is clearly the way to go!


Obviously there are other things to consider, such as have you stopped the mail temporarily? Have you taken a voltage converter? Despite all the to-do’s associated with traveling, it’s still the only thing you buy that makes you richer, which is why you should enjoy every minute of it! Hopefully this quick list will help you stay organized and stress free for your next trip.

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